Monday Evening -

So i should have updated earlier but I am tired and just really got to my puter....

We got home at almost 2 this afternoon - they released us about 12:30 or so....

We still really dont have any idea whats really going on -

He has issues with his gallbladder....an inflammation/slight infection in between the gallbladder and liver -

But no fever - no vomiting - and this morning the pain was gone and the appetite was back - so they released us with a prescription for prevacid and 2 follow up appts - one with our regular dr and one with a pediatric gi specialist - for monday the 6th -

No school tomorrow for him - no athletics until Monday -

He doesnt have much makeup work so thats a good thing...

I have only had about 3 1/2 hours of sleep so i really want to go to bed...

I cant jsut yet...

I need to stay up and keep an eye on Austin and make sure he doesnt start hurting again....they told us to bring him back if he runs fever - has abdominal pain or throws up...

Pray that we dont ahve any of that...

I am off to clear some tv of my dvr :)


  1. I will say prayers that Austin will be okay.
    Lisa in Kentucky

  2. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that Austin keeps doing well and that you get some sleep!

  3. Here's hoping everything is okay!


  4. Goodness. I'm sorry you guys are going through this.

  5. Hoping everything is going okay!



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