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Ok so some of you may live in a mobile home and that is what we we sell at my office.

My job is Loan Origination - which means I get all the beginning paperwork from the customer that the salesman cannot get - (that job is shared between Cassey and I and is a pain in the tukas)

My job is also Credit Repair - which means when their scores are too low to get financed? the salesperson brings them to me and after I review their credit report MOST of the time I can tell how long it will take them to come out of credit repair. Some people it is only a month or so (one cycle) and others it takes 8 - 10 months...**bangs head against the wall**

My job is ALSO Service Coordinator....After Loan origination - if they credit is good enough - they go to Cassey for loan processing...then when we close - they come back to me and I schedule the pull - set - and utilities - AC - and all that other crap -

Some of the people that come in this office? HOLY COW...

We get some great people in here - who are personable - friendly - just generally great people who just want a home...

And then there are the others...

Those that look like they havent had a shower in 5 years - their kids are nasty and need a bath -

And then there are those who look like they are headed out to party - great hair - makeup done - tits hanging out for the world to see (and we dont want to see them)- blue jeans painted on...and their kids are filthy - gross - nasty - nose running - hungry -

And that just pisses me off....

We actually had one crazy couple? LEAVE THEIR KIDS IN THE TRUCK while they looked at houses and SIGNED THEIR PAPERS...their kids are 2 and 1 and still sucking on a bottle...they did NOT need to be left in the dadgum truck alone...this same couple brought their kids in one day - ICE on the GROUND - and neither one of the babies had shoes or SOCKS on and the baby baby was only in a diaper and tshirt...

And then we have the great ones...that we love to deal with....

example : single mom - divorced - has lived with her elderly parents for the lat 5 years since her divorce - works at walmart - collects ssi for her kids cause ex (kids dad) is disabled....Never ever imagined she would own her own house...she does now...and she is so happy...she cried...

SOMETIMES (in cases like above) it is wonderful to do our job - Sometimes it just sucks....today? It sucks.......
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  1. Oh! I've seen the people you are talking about... and they drive me nuts!!! If I go out in public looking all hot and my kids look a mess, I'd be embarrased. We do NOT do that. We either all look like we just rolled out of bed or we all look nice... lol

  2. Ugh I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut dealing with people like that. Love your layout!!

  3. That's awful. And I can assure you I'd be saying something to those fantastically crappy parents. Grrrr.


  4. Wow. Your job sounds like a trial most of the time! And if people are dressing up to go in Walmart, I'd hate to see what they wear normally!


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