NOT ME MONDAY on Tuesday cause im a slacker..lol

So I was a slacker last night and went to bed instead of blogging or doing my Not me! Monday post...This is only my second one...but hey I almost felt guilty...until that good nights rest kicked in :)
  1. I did not trade in my "free cheap as all get out" phone this weekend for a brand spankin new pink and white Blackjack II... :)
  2. I did not spend 3 hours in the AT & T store trying to complete this transaction WITHOUT yelling at a single person :) Arent you proud of me?
  3. I absolutely did not neglect to give my mother my new phone number for 3 days in exchange for 3 days of silence - peace - and quiet....
  4. I absolutely did not laugh at my mother for saying INTO MY CELL VOICE MAIL -"Kelly if you can hear this, pick up the &%*$&$ phone.." Cause it was so not funny...chuckle....
  5. I did not yell at my child and call her a brat to her face cause that would not make me mother of the year in any state....
  6. I absolutely did not sit on the back row at church and then send the kids out to the car one at a time cause kadie was nauseuas until we all got to the car before the sermon was half over.....
  7. I did not go to Goodwill on Sunday afternoon and spend $37 on clothes and shoes....nope not me....
  8. I so do not yell at my family for turning on the AC not the HEAT in our house when it was 41 degrees outside...cause they were "hot"..put some pjs and socks on folks....
  9. I absolutely did not go into work on Saturday at 10:30 and leave at 2:30 :)
  10. I did not take a hour long bubble bath on Sunday night with a radio book and the door shut...
  11. I did not feed my kids cream cheese, blueberries, and marshmallow creme on toast for breakfast cause that would not be healthy....
  12. I did not forget to call my dad on his birthday... :(
  13. I positively absolutely did not spend an hour at work today this afternoon creating a spreadsheet for my AVON order and then typing my order in said spreadsheet with total columns and formulas...
  14. I so did not get my eyebrows and "chin" waxed at work on company time at the boss' house cause she told me to :) I would so not take advantage like that...but she offered so I SO was not turning her down..Cassey got waxed too...I believe next time Autumn comes I am goign to schedule a brazilian....painful i know...but I have to try it once...

I am sure that there are a ton of things left off this list BUT I must go cook my children something to eat at 10 pm on a school night cause I so have not cooked dinner yet...

Working on that :Mother of the Year: award ya know....


  1. LMFAO! You are HILARIOUS!

    There is definitely nothing in the world like the feeling of waxing *that*!...get a brazilian once and you'll never go back! I can do my legs..and if I MUST (like for going to the beach) I will wax the bikini line...but what's inside the line, stays!

    ...and I totally didn't smother banana slices in peanut butter and marshmallow to try to get Eli to eat his fruit. I agree, what parent would do such a thing?!

    Love ya doll!

  2. You're crazy for get a Brazilian! However, I might do it for the right price. ;o)


  3. I think I'd pass on the Brazilian!

  4. You won't be lauging after a Brazilian that's for sure! LOL

    Have a good one.

  5. Eyebrow waxes are about all I can handle. ;)


  6. LOL...you crack me up Kelly


  7. I love your new header too..soo cute!

  8. Not sure you really want to try the Brazilian!! :)


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