Have you ever.....

been so tired that you just fall asleep sitting in the chair or riding in the car ride home....

I am that tired....

I dont really know why....

Have a dr appt tomorrow but I have to reschedule it...

Not sure when for yet....next week I am sure....

got in touch with a couple old friends today via facebook :) HI JULIE! :) Kids sure are grown...

I am SO addicted to Facebook...Is anyone else?

Alexander (the wonder dog) is running thru the house at breakneck speed trying to get my attention so I probably should see what he needs..but ehhh...

He wants me to play with him I know...and I so need to get off here (only been on here like 3 minutes) and cook some dinner...

So thats what i am gonna do :)

We are having tacos tonight for dinner...just me and the kids...Wayne is at work still...like always...

I believe after dinner? I am goign to pull another hour long bubble bath in my whirlpool tub with candles music and a smutty book - wink wink - woohooo for me...with the door locked so neither Alex or the kids can interrupt me :) And I might just have to use some of the bubble bath that Bernie sent me :)

You people all have a great Wednesday! I should be at church tonight but I dont get off work in time to go to church on Wednesday nights.....

Those of you that are in church tonight? Listen twice and pay close attention for me too :)

The week is almost over folks...

Have a great rest of it!!!


  1. Facebook? Oh yeah, MyFarm and Yoville.

  2. I am on facebook too. My kid hates that I am .

    I have fallen asleep in many weird places too!

  3. a long hot bubble bath with a smutty book sounds good to me, lol

  4. I am obsessed with Facebook. I have a bunch of peeps on there... I feel like I'm a high school cheerleader again!

    get some rest, sugar!

  5. Yep falling asleep like that has happened to me on occasions!! Hope you enjoyed your bath, sounds like a damn fine idea x

  6. I have Myspace and Facebook...I use to be obsessed with Myspace...I'm not on either one a whole lot anymore...I'm addicted to blogger..lol


  7. Facebook? Hell yea! Love it. :)

  8. I love Facebook! It is such an addiction!!


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