ok so

no pictures today still...lol

Austin and I just got the lights on the tree last night...lol...

And we had to leave a "bundle" on the side of the tree as high as we could reach because even with a step stool? Neither of us could reach the top :)

No decorations on the tree yet...We will leave that for tonight.....

As soon as I get it done I will post pictures I promise :)

In other news...and this is really the only reason I took the time to post this morning...lol...becuase I am SO busy at work and these few sentences have taken me like over an hour to get out so far...lol...

I saw this on the AOL music page this morning when I got to work (I listen to AOL Radio at work every day....

John Rich is a married man. The Big & Rich singer tied the knot Saturday with longtime girlfriend, Joan Bush. The small ceremony took place at Nashville's famed Ryman Auditorium with just about two dozen family members. A larger reception was held at Fontanel Mansion, the former home of fellow country star Barbara Mandrell. The historic house is also where Rich's CMT celeb-reality show, 'Gone Country,' is being filmed.Though this marriage may come as a surprise for fans, Rich and Bush, who runs a Houston modeling agency, have been dating for five years. They've just kept their relationship under wraps, never appearing together on red carpets or at high-profile events.

Ok so I think John Rich is SO HOT....Beautiful smile...personality...I love his voice...BUT his attitude sucks...lol.....he is so cocky....and can be such a flippin know it all..(of course isnt that the case with MOST men..not all of them...just most of them).....It seems to me that they did the right thing...by keeping their relationship a secret as long as they did...


  1. Very cool about John Rich. I'm with you ... very HOTTTTTT

  2. LOL I thought of you when I read that. LOL


  3. When I went to put my picture in my entry it gave me 12 of the same one. Looking forward to your pictures of your beautiful tree. Take care and don't work to hard,
    P.S. Would you mind if I copied your little tag about the boy that stole your heart. If you do I will remove it - I just fell in love with it! Take care

  4. I don't listen to country music so I have no idea who this guy is. LOL

    And yep...he LOOKS cocky. :)

    Can't wait to see pics of the tree!

  5. Yeah, well. Cocky or not, he's freaking hot. :D

    I've decided I'm not marrying John Rich anymore. I'm replacing him with Rob Thomas.

    Now I just have to get rid of that stupid Victoria's Secret model, Ms. Perfect Beautiful, trophy wife of his. -.-

  6. I agree...HOT!

    My tree is still in the attic..LOL!


  7. LOL on no pictures, quit slackin' woman! LOL

    I didn't realize you were such a John Rich fan! LOL I seriously thought he was older than 34 though! He is cocky which is a turn off for me, I like humble men, although I love Kenny Chesney and he's cocky, ok maybe I am not all about humble men, maybe I'm just happy I'm married to a humble man (who has that goofy cockiness to him) and love me some cocky country hotties?! LOL

    PS have I told you that you're wonderful today?

  8. I went to a Big & Rich concert, John Anderson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cowboy Troy and a few others and the concert was so good. I thought he was good looking then but I cannot stand a cocky conceited man at all so I don't understand how my sister can be married to one for twenty five years but it works for her. You know the type, anything you can do I can do better, or the I know more about it than you do type. Yup. That's my BIL. Precious, huh? A big eye roll right there.

    My favorite song of Big & Rich is HOLY WATER. I hope they stay married and it will last and last and last.

    We do not have up any Christmas decorations or lights as of yet either. Waiting on DH to bring the boxes up out of the basement. A big sigh here.


  9. yep~ Pretty Darn hot! Not as hot as my love, Simon Baker ( The Mentalist).. ahhhhhhh.. gosh, don't get me started on him this morning.


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