O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree -

You are too tall for my house....


We went and bought our tree this afternoon :)

It was an experience...

We always go as a family...we always take pictures.....

Well I always take pictures...and they all hide from the camera...lol...

Anyway, Wayne and I were trying to decided which KIND of tree to get....and we decided on a Noble Fir becuase the needles are soft and they are SO FULL which is what I look for....

We looked and looked and looked....

and Wayne found it.....

The 9 ft tree that is TOO TALL for our living room....

And when we got it home? and in the stand...and in the living room in the spot where it belongs?

Wayne said....

Its bigger than I thought....

It looked smaller on the lot....

How are we goign to fit the star on it...It is touching the ceiling Kelly.....

So I went to his dads and got the loppers...and he lopped the top off :)

Now the star is barely going to fit....lol...

But it will! :)

When we are all finished?

I will post pictures tomorrow :)

The little tree in the front room in finished in all blue and white :) Courtney and Kadie decorated it :)



I have lighted garland with red bows hung...all the stockings are hung....The tree is up but not decorated....no lights or anything....lol...but I will do that tomorrow :) and I will take pictures.....

Ok so I am off to put some more stuff out and hang some more Christmas stuff :)

Nite Nite!!


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures! :)


  2. Ok Now I really have to get on getting our FAKE tree up. We have been so slow this year. : x

    Mom always wants a real one but I'm so anti real, it's just a mess.


  3. So exciting...I LOVE Christmas too!

    Can't wait to see all the pics :)


  4. They always look smaller on a lot or field outside! Can't wait to see it.

  5. It's Sunday where's the pictures???

  6. Glad the tree is picked, up and chopped.. now decorate it.
    Take care, Chrissie

  7. I love big trees! I bet it will look beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures.

  8. This is thrilling and it's one that you'll remember for years. I did love your writing about this. We haven't even gotten started. I guess I'll feel better when the last of the shopping is done.

    I bet it looks beautiful.


  9. ...-.- It's a tree. It's FREAKING TREE. With lights on it. How exciting can it be?

    Bah humbug.

    :D I'm such a hypocrite, I have a purple tree in my room lol

  10. Oh crap, I got a new computer so I can see what all my bloggie friends are up to.. now I feel I have to go down and dig out the FAKE fiberoptic,, 18 inch.. pre decorated tree and put it up.. such a hassle... ha ha..

    We make the Princess do Xmas now... so we don't have to.. she got the hint the last time she came home for Xmas and I had TAPED a paper Xmas tree on the wall that I printed off the net.. yea... not a xmas person....

    (still learning new computer,, sorry if this posts more than once)

    OK.. it won't let me use my ID.. so

    HEY.. IT'S ME...



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