Monday morning..

Ok so I have SO behind in journaling....
I am behind in reading them...
I am behind in writing....
I am just SO far behind!
My tree is still up...but it is not completely decorated which is DRIVING me crazy! I have some ornaments on it but not all of them and it is a HUGE tree....I have lights on it....and they are so pretty....but all the ornaments are not!
and it is driving me crazy.. :)

The kids get out for Christmas break on Friday...and will be home until January 8th!!!!!


That is also going to drive me crazy!

Wayne will be home all week in the evening.... :) that will be great for us becuase he has been on the middle shift for so long I think the kids have forgotten what he looks like...lol...except when he is sleeping....lol....

He will be on 1st shift this week for a few days at least maybe all week :)

I will be back in a bit....work is calling my name :)



  1. me too.. I'm kinda in a funk.. but I stopped by cause your site makes me smile..and I like to see what you are up too...

    Have the Happiest of Holidays.. I'm taking a short vacation away from blogging over the holidays.. I'm out of things to say..me...the blabber mouth...is out of words... imagine that..

  2. No worries, love. It's that time of year. Chaos is the name of the game. LOL

  3. sorry ur oranaments not on the tree is driving u crazy :)so when are u gonna put them on?

  4. I'm so far behind I'm sitting here doing them at midnight. Actually I'm doing them now because I can't sleep. : (

  5. I sent you a card but got it back. I need your address so I can resend it back out!

    Love the new background.

  6. Hey Kelly! We just got our tree up on Sunday night. I'm way behind on journals too. No worries. We can catch up the best we can!

  7. lol my tree is up but its not decorated i barely opened the branches up lol.

  8. I'm staying behind it seems...lol

    I totally understand

    We just got our tree up friday..haha



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