I am feeling better....

Well I am feeling well enough to sit at the coffee table and play with my laptop, while watching episodes of Samantha Who? that I apparently missed over the last 3 weeks... :)

I went to the Minute Clinic at CVS on Sunday Morning...seems I have bronchitis, an upper respiratory infection and the flu.....I got prescriptions...several...like a dumb butt I went to work on Monday....yeah yeah I know yell at me...and by 3:30? Ron our sales manager was taking me to my house (so cassey had a way home with my car) so that I could go to sleep....I crawled in the bed and between the phone ringing and alex licking my head...I slept 5 hours....then took some more medicine and went back to sleep :)

I felt much better today....so much better that I lasted the whole day at work and only had to use my inhaler twice....

I am still a little tired but I am feeling much better that I was..

Cassey called me a whiner all weekend...and I know I was...but I only get sick about one every 3 years...and when I do...it is bad....

Wayne went on Sunday afternoon and bought me soup when he got home from work....and came home with a beautiful fall arrangement with orange mums and orange daisies and yellow roses... i was so sick I dont remember if I said thank you...he heated up my soup too....I was reallly reallyy sick,.....

I havent even started getting out my Christmas decorations...and that is depressing...I normally have my tree up by now...and all my stuff out....but this year I was sick...when I normally would be putting out all my decorations....

They are still all in the attic...Hopefully tomorrow evening Kadie and Austin will help me get everything out of the attic and the garage..and start setting it all out....and then this weekend...Wayne will probably have to work all weekend but one of those evenings...Saturday or Sunday we will go and get our real tree.. :) and decorate it! I think this year it is Austin's turn to put the star on the tree...If I am wrong, Kadie will correct me...lol...

Thats all I got for tonight.....I am goign to get in bed before I get too tired....Maybe tomorrow it will be more interesting...lol...


  1. I'm sorry you have been sick! And not just sick, but SICK! Hope you are on the mend!

  2. My husband was sick in bed for 3 days too and he was miserable. He was sick a few days before that and finally I SENT him to bed and told him to stay there! He was just walking around the house, coughing and sneezing on everyone and being a basic pain in the ass. SO, he went to bed, I Lysoled the entire house and slept on the couch! (lol) He's better now and and the whole place has been disinfected! (lol)

    Glad you are feeling better!!!


  3. I have been really sick, too!! I don't often get sick (The last time I was this sick was 14 years ago - at the same time of year too, I couldn't eat Thanksgiving, that's how I remember, LOL.) Even when I had pneumonia 4 years ago I wasn't this bad off. I've got bronchitis/upper resp infection and a sinus infection. Feeling a bit better today, and might not have my antibiotics filled if I contnue to improve. Hope you are back to 100% soon. Share pics when you get the house decorated! Love ya ~~K~~

  4. sorry u were sick but glad ur feeling better

  5. Ah girl I am sorry you're sick or were. I have been too, everyone here has been. It was awful, but we're past it now, thankfully!!!

  6. Goodness, you're more of a woman than I! If I had all those lung issues, there is NO WAY I'd be going to work. LOL

    I'm a wimp when it comes to respiratory issues. When I was living in WA, I'd get sick constantly with bronchitis. We couldn't figure it out...then it finally ocurred to us I always got sick when they sprayed the apple orchards.

    Lo and behold, when we moved away from the apple orchards, I felt a million times better.

    I'm glad you're feeling better!
    We put up our decorations this weekend. :)


  7. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  8. Sorry you've been sick Kelly. I love how you take turns with the star. Good idea.

  9. I've been in the same boat...I am so behind with putting my tree and decorations up and sending out cards...ugh! Seems like time is just going so fast!

    Glad you are feeling better



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