Happy New Year's Eve

Sadly New Years Eve has different meaning for us now that we are old...

We have teenagers....and they have a life so that means we do not...

Of course we sorta prefer to hang out at home these days anyway..lol...

Wayne has to work part of the night...

Kadie originally said she wanted to have a party...and we said...OK...

Then she called me from her babysitting job yesterday and said Mom I have a problem....

Dad said I can have a party but Uncle Rory wants me to babysit....

So since I dont really care one way or another which she does...I put it to her the most logical way.. :)

Uncle Rory paid you $60 last night for 4 hours..for 2 kids...

If you have a party you will be cleaning for 2 days before and then cleaning up for 2 days after becuase not my friends and not my party therefore I will not help...

If you babysit for Uncle Rory, there will be 4 kids but you will be there overnight and will get paid AT LEAST $150... (which she will split with Courtney because she will go with her..)

Your Choice...Im leaving it up to you ;)

She said....umm I think I will babysit for Uncle Rory...

Smart Girl I think...lol...Momma didnt raise no fool...sometimes....

Austin is goign over to Mom and Daddy's because Daddy is leaving by noon tomorrow to go back to Houston to work..He wants to spend some time with Austin and Kale before he goes back I am sure...

Cassey is babysitting for her sister in law to be tonight...all night...So it will be just me and Wayne :) And I am sure I will be watching tv and playing on the puter and Wayne might watch some tv with me and then he will play his game...WOW i think....It will be a nice quiet evening...and I might even stay awake until midnight...lol..Me and Wayne and Alex the puppy...

If you are going out tonight? Please be safe...Please drink responsibly..Please dont drive if you are drinking...Have a designated driver and dont let them drink.....JUST PLEASE BE CAREFUL....

dont drink and drive =] Pictures, Images and Photos

I hope you all have a wonderfully happy new year and everything goes jsut the way you want it to! :)

Dont Drink and Drive Pictures, Images and Photos

OH and remember this! They say that wherever you are and whatever you are doing at midnight? That is what you will be doing for the entire year :) Wayne was at work last year at midnight...and he put in 70 hours a week almost every week this year....I was at home watching tv....and that is pretty much what I do every night...lol...

Happy New Year Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. I'm hangin' at home too, girl! Happpppyyyy New Year!!


  2. hmm. well, based on that, then I did the same thing I normally do all year around too..
    have a wonderful New Year's

  3. Happy New Year Kelly!!!

  4. I spent the evening with about 10 of my friends...and about 30 teenagers....and you are right! This is who I spend most of my time with! ESPECIALLY the teenagers!!! (who raid my house and eat my food and play all our video games....but at least i know where they are!!! lol)


  5. Hmm...and I was arguing with my husband at the stroke of midnight. LOL Not good.

    Happy 2009!

  6. That's interesting I didn't know that about the thing at 12 you'll be doing for the rest of the year......so spending time with my mates for me then ;) Hope you had a good night and well done Kadie for making the right decision x

  7. Happy New Year!

    We stayed home too...Jeff is sick..

    I woke up at midnight long enough to say Happy New Year and give him a kiss on the cheek..cause I don't wanna get sick..lol


  8. We stayed home too... we played a board game called Sequence with the 8 yr old and 10 yr old and had loads of fun... it's a really fast moving game. I want to babysit for Uncle Rory LOL LOL LOL! Hugs and Happy New Year's belated. I am slowly catching up with everyone. Yes aren't teens exciting... mom take me here, mom take me there, mom can I have twenty bucks?


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