Got this from my friend Kath...and it is a "remembering" experience...lol

End of year meme…..Take the first sentence of the first (unfiltered) entry you made in a given month and post it in order to sum up your year.

January: Cassey reminded me this morning while I was talking on the phone with her that I have not made an entry since December 30....

February: Sunday mornings in the Lawrence household mean Big Breakfast...That I havent even started yet becuase the only two people awake are me and Austin....This morning (as soon as I get off here) will be French Toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage... :)

March: On March 3, 2008....IT IS SNOWING IN ROCKWALL TEXAS!

April: Yeah the washer is already running....and before I leave for work...The dryer will be running too...Such is my life....

May: * I am thankful for my husband and children. They make me crazy at times (god love 'em) but they are mine...

June: 8 for 8 : My bear boy tagged me for this...lol....he has been hiding out for a long while...go say hi to him

July: Everyone knows how much I LOVE Nashville Star...
August: The last entry I made was a week ago?????
September: I am not sure that I have made my views plain on the upcoming election...

October: This is EXACTLY how I feel today.....
November: Well guess who forgot to turn her clock back?
December: Well I am feeling well enough to sit at the coffee table and play with my laptop, while watching episodes of Samantha Who? that I apparently missed over the last 3 weeks... :)


  1. This is different, cool and interesting, i might do it too

  2. I may do this when I find time...cute idea

  3. Gonna do this one, but after the holidays and some well rested days. Thanks for sharing YOU!
    Take care of you and yours always,

  4. A very appropriate meme! Happy New Year!

  5. Loved this entry. I did this last year for 2007 and it was really fun!


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