So my husband

wonderful man that he is.... ;)

i told him I would make the dressing for his work dinner...last week

Called me yesterday at work and said HEY honey...wanted to let you know i signed you up for a few things for Thursday...

me: What is Thursday? what things?

husband: umm Thanksgiving dinner at work?

me: you signed me up for things? as in plural?

husband: yeah not that much really....

me: ok what? **got my pen out - poised over the paper - ready to write 1 or 2 things down** (WRONG)

husband: dressing for 20 - 30; rolls; chocolate pie, coconut pie, pecan pie..you just pick two honey...which two pies you want to make...

me: **choking and gasping for air** you need this for Thursday???

husband: oh its not that much is it? shouldnt take that long, should it? just use those brown and serve rolls...how long could it take to make dressing?

FIRST OFF?? I can NOT send Brown and Serve...My hands wont let me pick them up....unless it is NOT a holiday...I need YEAST ROLLS...as i suspect most people do..however I will not be making them from scratch...

I will cheat and buy these that are made by bridgford and come in the frozen section already in a pan that I cook from frozen but they come out looking like this :)

My dressing will take a while....chop the celery...chop the onions...boil the eggs....find the chicken broth...OH and cook the cornbread....A LOT OF CORNBREAD....

The pies? SO NOT DOING HOMEMADE but i will make all 3..the pecan will be homemade but the longest part of that will be cooking it.......only takes a minute to throw it together...

At the same time? I will be making the dressing for my own office dinner (only for 5 people) and Cassey (somewhere in my kitchen - not sure where) will be making green bean casserole for our office....

I guess maybe this means he LOVES my cooking and wants everyone else to experience it too? :)


  1. LOL!!!! Yeah....I was smart and signed up for something easy, lol! But I can make mine Thursday morning, Kelly, so don't worry about that! I will help you with the rest of it! :-) (And if you DARE say "can you cook?", I will come into your office and smack you!!! LOL!)

  2. The parts he left out is that I'd help her if she'd let me anywhere near her kitchen 'cept to clean it.

    Like I'm some idiot who can't cook.

    :D Thanks for the vote of confidence, mom.


  3. My husband SOOOOO knows better than to do that. Just look at it this way ...your hubby has faith in your BettyCrockerness. LOL


  4. I've been known to use those frozen dough balls too and they are pretty good! My husband or daughter ALWAYS volunteer me for cooking something and it is always one of my most complicated or time consuming recipes. LOL

    By the way...have you seen how expensive pecans are? I was gonna make my own pecan pie until I saw the price...hubby wants candied pecans too so I have to decide on one.

  5. lol, dang...I think he should have asked u first before volunteering you..but thats so nice of you to do that for him. Yeah he must think ur cooking is great. :) I could go for some peacan pie..we had thanksgiving dinner at work today but I didn't eat any.

  6. Ok KELLY tell me how I'm not following you! And HOW ON EARTH I LOST your journal?

    Anywho I'm here, and back to stalking. : )


  7. oh I would so hurt him.. bad..

  8. Sounds like your gonna be busy. My DH has learned to call & ask forst. If he doesnt ... he cooks/bakes everything. =D

  9. If Jeff did that to me...his butt would be in there helping me...I tend to stress out when it comes to last minute things...haha!

    Sister Shuberts(probably spelled wrong) frozen yeast rolls from Walmart or Sams are awesome too...we love em'

    Hope everything turns out well and doesn't take long....


  10. lol @ your hubby. I would stuff him!!!! Hope everything turns out well. Your making me hungry!!

  11. Way to cheat on the rolls. You've got enough of the rest on your plate. Pun not intended. :-)

    He loves your cooking? And, he knows you won't say know cuz' you got your "puter" early. LOL!

  12. Well, the good thing is...he owes you now. BIG TIME. ;)

    Good luck with all that cooking! Oh, wait. You've probably already done it, eh? I'm a little late getting here. Found you by way of Bernie.

    Lovin' your blog!


  13. DH and I have been together for two years, married successfully for a year and a half and he doesn't dare even think about volunteering me for anything like that without asking first. It is a HUGE compliment from him though IMO that he has so much confidence in you and adores your cooking so very much. Sign him up for HABITAT FOR HUMANITY as a return favor or something because you admire him so much too. JK

    Wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving ever though,

    P.S. Somewhere along the way, I'd lost the ability to follow your blog. I'm sorry I've been AWOL


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