just listen....

I love this man....

This is the original artist/writer Bruce Robison with wifeKelly Willis...

will ALWAYS prefer this one to the "OTHER" one.....

I heard him sing it first live and I almost cried...

If I dont go to bed soon my husband is goign to ground me from my present...

Here is another one that was originally sung and written by him and someone else recorded it later...

love it by this man cause i heard it from this man first :)


  1. I have a thing for good songwriters singing their own songs. I never listen to modern country music, so I thank you for this. Oh, the first one doesn't play for me; it just shows up as a black box, nothing to click and make it play. The other one works though.

  2. Oh yes. You are knee high in the middle of "my LT is awesome!" ;-)

    Blake Shelton has a great voice! And, he is SOOOO young. He married at like 17 to his high school sweet heart; I think about a year prior to his first CD taking off.

    Happy Monday!

  3. I hope you didnt get grounded from ur present

  4. LOL I knew what song you were talking about before I even played it. I love Kelly's "Easy" CD.


  5. I hear you have a new Laptop : D Aren't new toys GREAT!
    Thank you for visiting my journal. I won't worry about when the new program comes out. I'm sure it will have bugs in the program that will need to be worked out. I expect it will take about a year before the program is decent. And you really couldn't have waited that long, could you?
    I know I wouldn't ; )

  6. One thing about having a laptop.......
    it's easy to sit up all night and play! LOL

  7. I want a Laptop!! Pouting :( I may be getting one in the new year, need to get past Christmas, pray this desk top lasts me through then please?!!!

    BTW I LOVE this guy and his voice and think seriously he should be on mainstream radio.


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