Ok so I was perusing the Vera Bradley website and you all know what an obsession I have with Vera Bradley anyway... :)

This large backpack that I HAVE to have...JUST HAVE TO..is normally $90....on sale for $36 right now....

This is called the Cool Keeper...lunch box basically...I SO NEED IT....normally $22 now on sale for $10....

This little gem is called a "ditty bag" can be used as a lunch box or pretty much anything else..HAVE TO HAVE IT....normally $25....on sale for $10..

Christmas is coming people...i feel a shopping trip coming on :)


  1. I saw those yesterday, too! Natalie is wanting the new Mediterranean White pattern, so of course, none of it is on sale! But there are some great deals!

  2. oh my goodness!!too cute! I love that cooler keeper.

  3. Cute! I'm going to have to go check it out. ~~K~~

  4. i did a little shopping today also. I like the lunchbag the best.
    take care

  5. Good deals!

    I'm gonna go check it out now...


  6. Oh wow, those are AWESOME sells! I think Christy's going to have to get her a bag too!

  7. lol dont use christmas as a reason to use your shop a holic skills haha those bags are cute and ten bucks you cant beat that get them!

  8. girl..you know me too well :)

    ...but how come I'm not getting updates for you in my dashboard?! I'm so easily confused ;)

    have a good one doll.

  9. I am going to have to get myself one of those as a summer purse next year. My daughter is the purse addict in this house...I can carry the same purse forever.

  10. Gabby has one of the coolers she uses for her lunch box, it is a tight fit getting everything in it but she liked that one better than their other "lunch box" like tote.

    You need a friend who can buy them on base...they are always 10-15 dollars cheaper and on top of that...no tax!


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