Friday Morning

I havent posted in several days...

I have been very very busy....

Work is taking up a LOT of my time....

Mondays and Wednesdays at C3 and Tuesday Thursdays and Friday at the trailer house selling place....

The job i work 3 days a week? The boss is wearing me out....She isnt ugly to me in any way....well yesterday we realized someone in credit repair - their file had not been sent in - was supposed to have been sent in over a month ago....Wasnt me...i wasnt here...I got all the necessary paperwork together and sent it in with notes that it was priority...cause now when his mom's credit is ready...his will not be.... Then about 2 hours later we were going over the credit repair log and we noticed one that still need another POR (proof of residence) and I saw her slip back into the old days for just a second....She said "KELLY - WHY IS THAT NOT DONE?" and i said "BECAUSE I DIDNT ORIGINATE THE FILE, I ONLY STARTED WORK HERE LAST WEEK"... to which she replied..."oh sorry, slap me"...uhh yeah...and i replied..."The files say everything was faxed on 9/17...long before I came here...." she didnt have a lot to say after that...and you notice the caps? yeah we both took an ugly tone...

She keeps an ugly tone somedays...not every day....but her ugly tones are VERY UGLY....and she is offering me quite a bit to work there full time...Here is the problem...no amount of money is worth my mental well being....and believe me when I tell you that I drank half a bottle of wine almost at least 3 days a week when I worked for her before....I dont know what i was thinkgin taking this job....but i will tough it all for a little bit...at least until after Christmas.....

Everyone in the office has a recurring "meeting" on their outlook calendars....MEN INCLUDED....and it is called Marci's Red Day Alert....and it comes up every 28 days...this is that week... **sigh**

Tonight we are having CARD NIGHT at my house...my friends are coming over to play Liverpool Rummy .... it will be me, Cassey, Shellye, Elly and Robin...everyone was instructed to bring a snack and whatever they want to drink...I have 3 bottles of wine to share...i am excited...I am ready to have some girl time.. Wayne will be excited to miss it...he has to work tonight...lol...Kadie will hide in my bedroom and play on the computer and Austin will hang out in the "gameroom/study" and play video games....unless he stays with Nanny tonight....

One of my uncles passed away Wednesday afternoon....Some of you who have been reading a long time will remember that when my grandma died in 05 I spent some time "babysitting" my uncle henon who had alzheimers....at one point I was walking in the cotton field calling his name....cause he was wandering around looking for Aunt Lulu who I call My Lulu...His diabetes was really bad....and the alzheimers was worse and he finally passed away on Wednesday..I am not going to the funeral but I so wish I could...i loved my Uncle Henon...I always thought he was the BIGGEST MAN in the world...when i was little...even as old as he was when he died...he still was 6'4"....

I also would love to go see Chris....He is buried in Missouri and I sure do miss my little brother....

Im gonna close this now...cause I REALLY need to get back to work...lol...

but I am gonna close it with my favorite verse....

Psalms 34:4

I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.


  1. So sorry to hear about your loss.

    Have a good time tonight...sounds like you could use it!


  2. Ok, I need to get with Kadie so she can video tape your crazy butts playing cards. The last video you share CRACKED ME UP! and I didn't even know what ya'll were laughing about.

    Plus, I know you would love to visit his grave ... but I must say you can speak to him where ever you are. *hugs*

  3. I wanna come play cards ... or at least drink! LOL ~~K~~

    Oh, go to my blogger profile, I put up a cooking entry - the journal link is on my profile page.

  4. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    You are correct...no amount of money is worth it if you are unhappy a lot of the time. I dealt with that at my last job and it took me a year and a half to finally say ENOUGH!

    Good luck!

  5. She needs to take her ugly self somewhere different! =D

  6. I know those UGLY bosses, i think we all do. Sorry for your loss. Great Bible verse! Have fun tonight. De ;)

  7. So sorry for your loss Kelly..keeping you and your family in my prayers...

    Sorry you are having a hell of a time at work..hopefully you can put up with the old bitty till christmas...

    Have a blast playing cards and drinkin...wish I were there!



  8. Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope you're holding up okay.

    Hang in there.

    Troubles come to pass... they do not come to stay!

  9. Oh, we could have quite a time with a few bottles of wine and chats about our "little 3 day a week job" that is really this huge career like thing and the bosses want us to be perfect everytime and REALLY want us to work full time!! WE WOULD BOTH BE INSANE if we worked for these people full time!! (lol) I used to tell my boss "hey, I've ony been here 5 minutes!" It's been almost 2 months now, so that's not working anymore!!

    So sorry to hear about your uncle...


  10. It's so not cool for a boss to let her personal emotions and hormones effect how she treats people. But it happens. Good for you for sticking up for yourself!

    Sorry to hear about your uncle. It's always hard, even if they die after being sick like that.

    Thanks for visiting/following my blog!

  11. she sounds like a real sweetheart...lmao

  12. So sorry to hear about your Uncle.

    Seems like you all are going to have a fun filled night. What is this rummy game different from gin rummy??

  13. sorry for the loss of your uncle. hope you have a good time tonite with your friends. hugs

  14. Girl you hit the nail on the head when you said it isn't worth your well being! No amount of money is worth the stress! I am living an almost stress free life since I got out of the rat race. Now my days consist of diapers, baby kisses and bloggin! The best life ever!

  15. sorry that ur boss is wearin on u. and im sorry about ur uncle

  16. one of the reasons I came to hate the hospital was because my manager was so mean most of the time. just plain vicious.
    enjoy card night and sorry about your uncle. sounds like he has found some peace now.

  17. Hey hon. My thoughts and prayers for you on your uncle.
    I'm praying for you on this job front too. I've always known you were crazy, but good grief woman...working with a woman who led you to drink 3 bottles of wine! WOW! Now it's one thing when it's all in fun! LOL

    I love ya and am praying for you. Hope you had fun playing cards with your girls!

  18. Keep walking in faith, honey. God will never fail you.

    I'm so glad to have a male, stable, sane boss. It's been a long time coming for me!

    happy weekend!

  19. yes, it's never easy to lose someone. I am used getting yelled at...Mrs H loves to yell at me, but now she mostly gives the live in lady a hard time. I just try and make the both laugh. thanks for verse I needed it.


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