ok 3 posts in 30 minutes..

I am at work....

I dont normally work Saturdays at all...but my boss is out of town...and someone needed to be hear with the sales team to answer the phones and all that jazz...

I AM so enjoying my laptop...Last night for the first time since I got it....I laid in my bed with my blue quilt and played on my puter...and read blogs.. :) LOVE IT!

I will be going home @ 3 and when I get there I have quite a few things to do...I need to start putting out some of my Christmas decorations :) and yes I know that we arent even thru iwth Thanksgiving BUT I LOVE Christmas!!! LOVE IT!!! and my stuff will stay up all the way thru New Years Day :)

I also need to try to figure out the rest of my Tgiving menu...as the family is coming to our house again this year :)

I ahve my turkeys and I need to clean out the second fridge in my garage so I can use it to put the stuff in it that I make in advance :)

We will be having turkey and cornbread dressing, yam yumms, creamed corn casserole, grean bean casserole, baked winter squash, pea salad, pasta salad, a ham for my daddy cause he does not eat turkey, pinto beans, potato salad, au gratin potatos, and then the pies, - pumpkin, chocolate, cherry, coconut cream, pecan and maybe a sweet potato pie...Wayne loves mincemeat pie but I have never made it...I might try this year..There will also be some fresh veggies cause some dont care much for casseroles so that will be green beans, corn, TURNIPS(have to have turnips for me and my brother), bacon wrapped asparagus......there will be TONS of food...

What is on your menu for Thanksgiving?


  1. Good grief! I hope you have a big table to put all that food on!

  2. Holy cow! That is A LOT of food. Do you make it ALL yourself?

    Geesh, girl. Can I come to your house for T-giving? Sounds like you'll have plenty. LOL

    We usually do a turkey and a ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, noodles, corn casserole, homemade hot rolls, and for dessert, pumpkin, mince meat, and strawberry rhubarb pies. Plus, people usually bring cookies and peanut brittle too.

    It'll be yummy. :)

  3. Can I just come eat with you?

  4. I'm going to a friends home this year, but I have a turkey so I'm making the turkey, gravy, stuffing, home made noodles, and a chocolate pie. She'll be making the rest! Mashed potatoes, brocolli casserole, pumpkin pie, rolls, and a few other things that I'm drawing a blank on right now.

  5. I'm so tired from reading your menu that I'm not sure I even want to eat!
    Have fun with it!

    I love my laptop! LOVE IT!

  6. oh my goodness, u are making me so hungry! As far as I know we are having the usual, turkey, dressing, collard greens, cornbread, potato salad, cranberry sauce, a cake (not sure what kind) and 2 sweet potato pies...I sure would like some mac and cheese but I doubt we will have any..how early do u start cooking to get all of that done.

  7. I am so coming to your house for Thanksgiving.. and I'm picking up a few friends along the way.. watch for us.. we'll have the wine!

  8. You made me hungry...lol

    Sounds like your gonna have a wonderful thanksgiving...

    When you get a chance can you email me your recipe for cream corn casserole...never heard of it but sounds so good! Thanks


  9. I'm coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner. LOL

  10. Sounds like a big menu. I need to finish getting my list together for mine.
    Glad you are enjoying your laptop. I want to get one sometime too.
    Take care, Chrissie

  11. Now I'm hungry!! We are having ham, turkey, stuffing, fresh cranberrie/ cherry sauce, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy rolls, stuffed mushrooms (yuck) and some sort of veggie. OH.. and there will be mini pecan tarts, rum cake and a peppermint Trifle. YUMMY>> Now I am REAL Hungry. I've started with my xmas stuff too.. xmas lovers like us have to get a head start.
    Later !!

  12. Hmmmm, we dont do Turkey and have not for years, and I do so miss it...We will have Roast Chicken, yams, mashed potatoe's, corn,collard greens,cranberry sauce,stuffing, gravy and that is it..we dont do dessert's, too much food to finish that off.

  13. That is A LOT of pies!! Sorry I missed it. :)


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