little pitchers have big ears...

Children seldom misquote. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said.
Author Unknown

I saw this quote over @ Brandi's blog called Excess Baggage - and it made me think back to when Kadie was a baby...good lord even then she had a mouth on her...of course back then it was all in innocence...now? NOT SO MUCH! :)

Wayne's mother (God Rest Her Soul) hated my guts...and when I tell you she hated me oh good lord it was an intense hatred for a while...

She had an ischemic thrombotic stroke (spelling? I think that is correct)...and it affected the right side of her brain which controls your thought process - abillity to speak - all the stuff you need to get thru the day....She lost MOST of her long term memory - but gained some of it back over the years...She was VERY frustrated most of the last 9 years that she lived becuase there were times when just could not make anyone understand her....I used to tell Wayne that the only reason we got along her last 9 years is because she forgot she hated me... :)

She had that first stroke on her 48th birthday....and committed suicide 9 years later...still not able to communicate except for being able to write a very illegible note on a dry erase board...Her husband David took care of her 24/7 for 9 years...devoted his life and everything he had in him to her...

Back to this quote - I was not really any more fond of her than she was to me..I tried in the beginning..I truly tried...she didnt want to like me...and there was nothing I could do to change that fact...so in turn I sometimes ( and I am a little ashamed of this) was just as catty and snappy to her even when she wasnt being that way to me....of course I in turn had many Christmas gifts that consisted of slipper socks, granny panties and flannel gowns :)...I on the other hand.. TRYING again...bought her things like lockets with the kids pictures in them...yeah..reminded wayne when her bday was coming up and mothers day and always went and bought the cards...

When Kadie was 2 - she spoke in complete sentences - I swear the child could carry on a conversation with a professor at that age...she was amazing...One afternoon we were at Nanny and Papa's house...just hanging out...both Anne and I being a little bit bitchy towards each other...but her and David SO enjoying being with Kadie Dawn...and sweet little Kadie Dawn - looked like a light bulb went off in her head and she said -

"Nanny do you have a broom?"

"Of course I have a broom Kadie - doodle"

"Can you really fly on it? Cause momma said you were a witch!"

umm yeah can you say uncomfortable silence ;)

We left soon after that..lol...

Never say things you dont want your kids to repeat after they start talking :)

Austin had a moment much like this - but it was with my mother -

Apparently they had some issues one day while she was babysitting...and she told him to do something..he said no...she said I will spank your butt...you have to mind me..

and Austin said -

"I dont have to mind you!! My daddy says you are crazy as a loon!"

Yeah I heard about that one for months :)


  1. LMAO!

    Oh my. I would've died. I can't stand my MIL either. In fact, we had a helluva fight a few years ago. I've barely talked to them since.

    I actually would have loved if Autumn would have said something like that to her. I would have been smirking my ass off. LOL

    I'm so evil.

    I am sorry to hear your MIL committed suicide though. It's incredibly sad she felt she had no other way out. :(

    Great entry.

  2. Everytime you tell both of these stories I crack up! Seriously they're ones I'll never get sick of reading! hehe

  3. yeah u defiantely have to watch what u say around kids cuz they will repeat it,lol

  4. LOL! Out of the mouths of babes


  5. Oh my goodness! Kids, they never cease to amaze me! I'm glad you've got these written down somewhere so you don't ever forget them. Of course, these are so good I'm sure you never would. I would love to have seen the looks on their faces when the kids came out with these jewls!


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