Sunday Morning

It is Sunday morning...

I have let my dog out to potty....

Seen my neighbor putting up a new larger privacy fence...

Watched two men attempt to roller blade past my house...

One almost had a stroke right in front of me.. :) and then he tried to skate around my sunday paper that I still have not picked up...lol

I think I will leave it there until he gets back so maybe he will trip over it this time :)

40 yr old men who look like that really really should not attempt rollerblading together on a Sunday morning in suburbia....lol

Whats on the agenda today?

Trying to decide what to wear in the morning....

Cleaning my house.....

Making a mum and a garter.....for RHHS hom
coming that is this week....

Putting out our halloween decorations....

and of course...

I will have to cook a couple times today....lol....

I will see you all later this evening... :)

Have a happy Sunday everyone....


  1. LMAO ... unless you in shape & good at it you should never try to roller blade. he he he

  2. love the new decorations, hope ur having a nice day!

  3. There is no way in the world I could ever roller blade! First of all, I am too nervous so I am all stiff. I also don't know how to turn...or stop!!! I'm a disaster!!

    A mum and a garter? HUH??


  4. hahaha...love to see that guy rollerblading. I keep telling my kids I'm getting rollerblades instead of walking. Sounds like a fun day. HUGS

  5. See I know you're from Texas taking about mums and garters for homecoming. In Kentucky they don't do that. I could have started a huge business. These kids have never seen that before. When you get done take some pics I have seen any of those in 25yrs.
    Take care, Chrissie
    p.s. my mom liked Conway Twitty that was funny that song came up

  6. love the look of your blog...is there a place to go to learn to do it.

  7. Hope you had a good day. Looks like you are a list/agenda maker like I am.
    LOL on the roller bladers. Hope your paper didn't kill the guy. lol

  8. What are mums and garters? I'm lost! Good luck on your job interview.

  9. Did you change out your layout since last night? I could have sworn you had something else! LOL

  10. the rollerblading sounds fun until you think about someone watching you....

  11. You moved again? Are you becoming a serial mover?!

    Ignore if I read wrong ...

  12. Old men rollerblading...what a way to start the day! :)


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