Homecoming mums and garters...

Several people have asked what Homecoming mums and garters are...

Texas tradition is what they are :)

and the louder, bigger, and more loaded down with crap they are?

The more the boy loves you....lol...

or the more your momma and daddy love you....lol....

The more bells the better.....

KD usually wears 2....one from us on the left shoulder?

and the one from the "boyfriend of the week" on the right shoulder....

I have made lots this season because this is what I am doing for extra money right now...

I have always made KD's so I thought why not make some money doing it :)

Here are a few samples...

The picture of all the orange ones? They are all KD's..... Those are wrinkled and I HATE THAT....(ask KC) but they were in a box for the move....and boxes crease the ribbons.... The biggest one in the middle? it is from last year...It lights up....has little christmas lights all around the mum and has a battery pack on the back....

It is also tradition to hand them on your wall in your room...KD's walls will be full soon...lol...

Traditionally.....anything younger than 9th grade gets a shorter (24 inch ribbon) single mum.....

Starting as a freshman and sophomore you normally get a single mum ...... with 36 inch ribbon...

Juniors get a double mum......

Seniors get at LEAST a triple mum sometimes 4 or what is called an over the shoulder which usually has 6 mums on it....and a senior mum is ALL WHITE and silver for us...some schools it is all white and gold....depending on your school colors....

This mum is for a neighboring town.....

These two for a local private school....

As you can see..Mums are HUGE business in Texas... HUGE.... :)


  1. we have mums for homecoming too but normally about as fancy as they get is to have the bf's football number on it and of course, the ribbon, which is just a bow, and some little charm type trinkets hanging off. that is it. I have never seen any like this!!!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading about these... they are beautiful and look like they would be very popular and a great money making idea! Thanks for sharing...

  3. How interesting, we have nothing like that over here. Great to see them in pictures, thank you for sharing.


  4. Very interesting! I have never seen anything like this. Now some pictures of the girls wearing them, please!

  5. ive never heard of this before but it sounds like a fun tradition

  6. Man those have to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen. LOL...kidding. Sounds like fun!

  7. Hmmm ... I don't think us Yankees have those ... that I know of. Do they girls acutally wear them? They are HUGE!!

  8. those are sooo pretty, I never heard of it so this is a good lesson for me too...lol

  9. Hey wow. I have never seen these things ever but they are neat lol. I live in NY,,maybe that is why hehe. I use to read your journal on aol and just now stumbled on one here. I'm a new follower and have made a blog of my own this time lol. Ok have a good week.


  10. They are so cool. We don't do anything like that around here.

  11. I've never heard of these before either but they are really cute.

  12. I totally love your new journal and the music, ahhhh, it takes me back and makes me feel good. I have never seen mums for homecoming but thank you so much for sharing a part of Texas color and culture with the rest of us. Come by and see me. I was able to change my page just a little bit. You're on a roll over her.


  13. I've never heard of those before...but they are pretty and you do a great job making them!


  14. I'm from Texas we had big mums too!! Loved it. The teachers hated it because of all the bells on the bottom of them you'd hear people coming a mile away. I should start that here. I'd be rolling in dough. It is funny for me to go to homecoming here all these years and see nothing. I'm missing out on money here and i'm surprised that the flower shops don't do them here. They ever heard of them.
    Ours were maroon and white at my school.
    Take care, Chrissie

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