I messed something up....

How do I go back to the other template...

Somehow I ended up in Classic Template?

How do I get back to the other one?


All this stuff on the side bar? NOT MINE....

Cant add widgets...

Cant change crap....



  1. damn. you did mess up...
    okay. on your dashboard, go to settings. from there, I think you can see all that stuff. that is about as good at explaining as I can get...lol
    take care

  2. im lost for words on that im still learning its to difficult on here.

  3. I wish I could help. I only have a basic template because I did not know whether I would be able to cope opening a blog here. Now I find I cannot change to advanced settings so it has to stay as it is. I am not messing around and losing all I have done. That is why J-Land was so good, it was so easy to use.

  4. You should be able to click on settings, then on the far right is pick template. Click that, and it brings the templates up. It's weird, though, because different people have have different settings. I went into help with templates (not a good thing coz I'm a spazzo) and saw there should be an advanced tab. I don't have that. This is sooo confusing :( HUGS

  5. Good luck. I have no idea, unless maybe there is some link or option on the dashboard.

  6. Looks like you did get it fixed! Good. I actually had this happen last week and was a mess, because the button that should have been there was not. But word to the wise...the blogger help is ACTUALLY a help! It's where other bloggers help you, one person totally stepped up and restored everything back for me with just literally one click! I could have kissed him/her!!!!

  7. Don't ask me....I can't even figure out how to get a different background....


    Hey I need your snail mail address by the way...

  8. oh crap ... this looks funky. I would think you should be able to go to your dashboard to fix it. Not sure which link to click ... play with it.

  9. Hi Kelly, I think I'm here but I can't find the place to add myself as one of your followers. HELP!!!!

  10. i made a new journal because even though you were somehow my follower others couldnt follow they said it would let them im here to see if this new blog lets everyone follow now here is the link

  11. Dang it I missed the mess! You cleaned before I got here.
    Take care, Chrissie

  12. I assume you had some drama but it all looks good now! :)


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