Chrissy baby girl singing Sinatra (with Michael Bolton) :)

By special request :)

This is my baby girl neice Chrissy...

She belongs to the birthday boy Rory.....He is 37 yrs old today and he has 4 children (3 of his children are his stepchildren but he refers to all of them as his :) He learned that from Daddy....who has never referred to us as his step anything...We are all his..) and 4 grandchildren who call him poppa... :)


  1. now how cute is THAT? lol. keep this forever! and what great tast she is in music already!!!!

    I am not sure people are getting updates from me. what do you think?
    have a great wwekend

  2. Yep I requested! I thought that was the cutest thing ever. Everyone will love it whether they've seen it already or not. Thanks for posting again. I hope you have that saved somewhere for her when she grows up. Have a great weekend.
    Take care, Chrissie

  3. omg she must hear that song alot! 2 cute.

  4. I want her!!!! That is awesome. I bet her daddy just loved it!


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