Empty Nesters? Really?

Yall think I was busy when I had 3 kids at home and they were all running me ragged with every activity under the sun?

 Lord have mercy - I dont think I have sat down for more than 30 minutes in a month.

 Update on the children - #1 is still at home and 1 month away from age 22 and unsure of what she wants to do or where she wants to go - currently she is a nanny for a special needs child that she adores - him and his little sister who I swear is a carbon copy of #1...its kinda crazy actually - no wonder they bonded so quickly!

 #2 turned 21 in June and has moved out with her boyfriend about 2 months ago - working in a daycare and not sure where she wants life to take her but she is doing it on her own so not a lot of input from mama is needed....well it is needed but clearly not wanted at this point and I do understand...the last person I wanted advice from at 21 was my mama - she didnt know anything about me or my life or what i was going through??? @@ yeah anyway....

 #3 my baby - my only boy - has left me - and gone away to college - to the dorms - where I cant monitor him or make sure he eats - or gets a haircut (which he has NOT done)- I shed one little tear and then I put my big girl panties on and bought him a new toothbrush and some towels and spiderman sheets :) Actually his ex gf bought them for his bday last year - I just made sure they were clean so he could take them to college because they matched the spiderman comforter that his grandma bought him..... 

 Hubby is on a deep night shift which is kicking our butts...So in the evening its just me and #1 - I dont cook - no sense in that - I swear we must have had wings and mexican food 4 times last week - but we go during happy hour :) cause we are cheap like that - 

 Drinking with my kid...wow - never thought I'd see that day - 2 margaritas on the rocks - extra salt - lite on the ice please with a straw and an extra lime! or 2 tall Dos Equis Drafts - with extra lime - OR 2 bloody marys with a short dos equis back....lol - sometimes we scare every one? and have a dirty martini (extra dirty with extra olives please!) 

 I dont know that I have really slowed down any? 

I have all my littles that call me aunt kelly - the youngest two have cheer at 8 am every saturday morning - my nephew has baseball (which i have not been to yet - shame on me) one nephew plays football on Thursday nights....its kinda never ending! Its like my kids are little again but I dont have to pay for anything and they are always wrapped around my leg or waist hugging me fiercely and are SO happy to see me and so thrilled that I came to watch them cheer - pass or bat! 

 Once a month I play Bunco with an awesome group - we have a ton of fun and the laughs dont stop till 10:30 when its time to pass out the money and pack up to go home :) and then the laughs start again....lol.... ABout once a month several of my friends come over and we play cards....and drink and have a party....hubby usually sits on the couch and shakes his head - we are like teenagers when we get together...lol 

 This summer has been the summer of concerts - I saw Kenny Chesney - Eric Church - Kacey Musgraves - Eli Young Band - Brad Paisley Chris Young & Lee Brice - Kid Rock - uncle kracker - Miranda Lambert - Brett Eldridge and Dierks Bentley - The Cadillac 3 - wow that even seems like a lot to me...lol 

 Hubby and I have been visiting lots of farmers markets - going to lots of garage sales - eating a lot of breakfast out - its just been kinda non stop for us both - and when we arent doing that? we are driving to pick #3 up from school and bringing him home for the weekend or driving there for the day to take him and roommate shopping.....lol

 OH best part of my summer? Spent the weekend in Oklahoma with the best friend - we went to the first OBU game in 70 years and THEN that night? I went to my first OU game everrrr - it was AWESOME! Barry Switzer walked past us and spoke - I think she wet her pants... 

 Thats all i got for today - I do intend to post more often! I so wish it would get cold again!

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