no money?

I didnt fully understand why all the drama and stress lately - and then i saw a post by a military family and good friend about the fact that they were only getting 1/2 checks....

So I started researching.....

This post is not going to make me popular with very many people but i dont care - its my blog - i have never made a secret of the fact that I do not believe in abortion. period.

Republicans? please dont give in - hold your ground....but continue to pay our military please - the ones that work so hard for these freedoms of choice that we all enjoy...

Democrats - please dont try to disquise abortion funding with cancer screenings....Abortion should NOT be an option in Planned Parenthood and you cannot lump abortion in with Womens Healthcare. Low Income families do need low cost and free healthcare options - abortion should not be one of those options. Adoption counseling should be the choice .

I completely agree yes your body is your own and you should have the ability to make choices regarding your body. You should not have the option of murder.

Along with the right to have those choices regarding your body comes responsibility and a whole new set of choices...

The choice to NOT HAVE unprotected sex.

The choice to let another family claim that precious precious baby that you dont want and give that baby the life you cant or wont.

The choice to be responsible for ONE time in your life and do what is right for everyone involved instead of selfishly taking a life because you were not responsible enough to protect yourself.


  1. Glad my little status could get you to doing research and I fully and wholely agree! I don't want the Republicans to back down, just want the freaking jack ass dems to allow us to get paid. Murdering innocent babies has nothing to do with Women's Healthcare and personally I find it completely insulting and disgusting that these people think abortion has anyway of being a part of my healthcare. Those choices you shared...those are the only prochoices that should be out the...murdering an innocent baby is not a choice. Abortion doesn't make a woman unpregnant, it makes her the mother of a dead child. Let the flaming begin....

  2. Kelly....OMG I could not agree more...I agree 100%!!!!! Amen!

  3. Goodness Kelly ~ you spoke my thoughts EXACTLY! I so agree. I do really, really feel for two family members (my newphew and my husband's cousin) who are on active duty in the middle east right now and their wives are left paying the bills with half a paycheck this week. Should the military personnel do half their job while this is all still up in the air? I know that they wouldn't. Our government needs to step up and make sure our active military are fully compensated no matter what else is going on on capitol hill. Great post.

  4. I'm still stuck on 1/2 checks. No one can suddenly live off 1/2 a check in today's world. Half a check means they are only required to do half the job. We need our enlisted 100% on the job. Because of them, we have all these other options and choices.

    Give'm their D@MN check.


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