the new bible

So I signed up to be a reviewer for a publisher listed to the side...i think i posted the link -

This is NOT my review - just some observations that i made tonight while some questions came up in our family household - about tattoos, marriage, obedience, submissiveness, premarital sex, going to traditional church service vs where two or more are gathered - and the list goes on and on and on and on - we had a nice little debate at some point in the evening on EACH ONE OF THESE SUBJECTS - good gravy......which I will address in a separate blog - that i intend to create tomorrow :) that i have intended to create for quite some time -

Anyway the book that i have chosen to review for the particular publisher is a new Bible called The Mom's Bible and i have to say I LOVE IT!!!

I have toyed with the idea of another blog for a while but I just need to get up off my butt and do it :) This one will still be upfront - but I have been doing lots of much needed bible study lately and I so need an outlet for it....

For this review I need to read ONE BOOK of the the Bible - I just HAPPENED to open it this morning to 1st Corinthians to the chapters regarding marriage and premarital sex and husbands and wives being what they are supposed to be to each other...so I think that is a sign....

I am off to take a shower because I know I will feel so much better once I do! This pneumonia is kicking my rear - but i did wake up this morning feeling so much better....of course when i finally went to the doctor? He told me i have bronchial pneumonia and gave me 3 shots and a prescription....


  1. my feelings on Bibles w/commenaries are torn. those commenary sections aren't actual cannon - not divinely inspired. just some dude's opinion.

    on the other hand, its probably someone far more knowledgable about the Bible, Bible times & context, etc.

    i look forward to reading what you have to say about it!

  2. That sounds so interesting Kelly..I hope you do share more about it...Hope you feel better soon!


  3. I'm so behind on reading journals. Just know that YOURS is very important to me. Pneumonia definitely kicks butt. I'd be interested in following you to your new journal if permitted. Sounds like we'll have some good points to read. I've been thinking about doing a new one too.
    Your new layout here is beautiful I have to tell you. The speakers happened to be turned up a bit too loud and when I clicked on your journal, the music came on and I couldn't figure out where to turn it off/down at. Scared me so bad I nearly wet myself. Roflmbo
    Get better soon lady.


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