I got a new non paying job --- :)

I review for BookSneeze

And yep it does not pay - except in education :)

Found this great site - by way of my friend Kathi :) you fill out the app - you wait for an email - and then you pick out a book - you read it - you review it in your blog? and then you pick out another one :)

Go give it a shot!! :) I am starting with this one!!


  1. Very interesting! I just went to the library yesterday and loaded up on books. It's so exciting having a new book to read!

  2. They mail you the hard copy? This is how I get books to review via PR reps for publishers but I've been mainly tied to parenting and informational type of books.

    This would be fun! I wonder if we could get a kindle downloadable version? Though, if I read a book and enjoy it I like to offer it as a giveaway along with my review to 'share' the wealth. :-)

  3. So they mail you a copy of whatever book you want for free?

    Very interesting....


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