Happy Birthday Dad -

Today would have been my dad's 61st birthday -

Lots of years I just plain forgot to call him and tell him - and I thought about that all day today - and it makes me sad -

Makes me sad that I was robbed of all the years with him that I could have had -

But my mother was selfish - hateful and bitchy and kept me from him -

Please know i have forgiven everyone involved in that decision but sometimes it comes out a little nasty - when i think about it -

Makes me sad that I just forgot sometimes and was too busy with my life to remember his one day a year -

Please remember to love and hug and kiss your loved ones all year long -

Happy Birthday Dad - I sure do miss you!

Gonna go cook dinner and cry now - This is the video montage they played at his funeral


  1. Big hugs.

    And happy belated birthday to your dad.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daddy in heaven above!

    Thinking of you...

    Big Hugs!

  3. I am sorry this is late, but saying a prayer for you to have complete peace. Love ya girl


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