Its been a while....

Since I made a real post -

So here I go!

I have been in a little bit of a bloggin funk - thus the pictures and the quotes and whatever I thought was interesting at that moment...

So we went on vacation last week - we spent 8 days in Pleasanton - Corpus - & did a lot of running around - sppent a day in San Antonio - went to the beach :) went to a home town rodeo where my father in law was presenting colors in the opening ceremony - he is an officer at the local American Legion -

While on vacation - Wayne and his sister and soon to be brother in law took me into San Antonio to get a tattoo - while I was getting mine? Wayne decided he was getting one also! SHOCKER! my dear sweet husband is SO straight laced...lol...but I love it! SEXY! It looks awesome!

Several people have asked me what the meaning is behind my tattoo -

If you are new here you might not know that my baby brother passed away in Sept 03 - Chris and I were very close - I have blogged about Chris and his death quite a bit in the original aol journal but not so much since i made the switch over to blogger.com -

Chris loved olives - green olives - black olives - kalamatas - you name it he loved it...he was also sometimes known to pour pickle juice over ice and drink it....with a big bowl of popcorn....

I know - gross huh?

My other brother Rory and I also love olives of any kind - mostly green olives - so that is the premise behind my tattoo...When Rory gave the eulogy he made the comment that we were sad but Chris was probably sitting up in heaven eating green olives with a big bowl of popcorn and a jar of pickle juice :)

So that is why I got 3 green olives stacked on top of each other and they represent Me - Rory and Chris -

Right at this moment? I am about to take the girls to pick up their schedules - for their SENIOR YEAR! I dont know what to think...they grow up too damn fast.....


  1. Was there a pic of your tat that I missed?

    What a wonderful tribute to your family!


  2. So that's why your blog is green olives and pickle juice. I've ALWAYS wondered. I remember you from AOL. I was on AOL and am now on Blogger. I was krissy fisher and am now krissy knox (since married) also known as fisherkristina@aol.com I don't think we've ever met, nice to meet you. I'm just jumping from blog to blog right now, just meeting people and introducing myself to them.

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    I hope you are having an okay day today...

    krissy knox :)
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