Glass half full gal here I come!

. So we are on our way finally! Wayne is driving.. We all have on headphones listening to iPods and or mp3 players....lol... Kadie and Courtney each have their own row of seat -they are happy bout that ;)

Our first stop will be dairy queen - tradition ya know ;) then we wo t stop again unless the girls or Alex has to potty l
lol...Austin is not with us - he wEnt with his papa to pan for gold in del norte Colorado?He will have fun And so will we lol with no "mom make Austin quit!" the girls were more exited for him to go than he was and he was pretty dadgum excited ll..

When we get back? We will headed on home and then Sunday night a friend of mine got the girls backstage passes for switchfoot at house of blues.... They are so excited! I'm ehhhh not really my style but if it means that much to them I will go lol...

Ok so I did this entire entry which is not very long on my iPhone and my thumbs are tiredddd. Lol

so I'm done and going to sleep since hubby is driving ;)


  1. Wait...I'm lost. Where are you going? LOL
    Have fun, where ever it is!

  2. YAY! Come see me!!!! See ya' at lunch with the bunch!! :-D


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