Summertime on sundays..

Kadie Dawn stayed up again all night long....

She JUST went to bed....

I think I should wake her up and tell her we have to clean the garage today....

Courtney is awake too still...she just tries to be sly about it by staying in the bedroom...

I am currently listening to Selah sing Precious Lord/Just a Closer Walk in exchange for actually getting dressed and going to church...just not happening this morning....

I have been very lax in my blog for at least a month...

I just noticed that it says AutoSave failed in red beneath where I am typing this...GREATTTT!!!

I have been twittering quite a bit but the blog just has not had my attention lately...not sure why...

I need a new layout...and I want something girlie...Stephanie has said she would make me one but I have to get up off my butt and send her the kit I want to use but I havent found it yet...

OH! Went to the grocery store yesterday...Had all my comp ads....used 27.00 in coupons....I bought almost a months worth of groceries for $171....some of that was stockpiling too tho so I can count some of it...

I wish I had taken a picture....

Word to the wise? If you live in an area that has a mercado?? Fiesta? El Rio Rancho? Rio Grande? Terry's Supermarket? Yep Walmart will match their prices too! I bought 4 dozen eggs yesterday for the tiny small amount of a quarter each... :) yep that was 4 dozen eggs for $1....I think the best deal I got besides the eggs was Tilapia Filets for 99 cents a lb....that was GREAT!! oh and SPARERIBS? 57 cents a lb....yep that was a good one :)

I will only have to go back for milk bread and eggs and MAYBE some fresh veggies for the next 3 weeks...but I will continue to pick up my ads and stock up on the good meat on sale...and all those things that can be frozen....

Eventually I will get to where i dont have to spend 171 ever again....lol...that will be nice....I have 6 in my family counting Cassey and Courtney and I feed 5 - 8 each night in the summer depending on who the girls are/are not dating....lol....so that 171 is feeding 5 - 8 people 5 nights for about $43 a week...cant beat that!

I am still working from home 3 days a week...I go into the office on Mondays and Fridays....

Cassey and Shellye came over on friday night after work :)

The girls hid out....Wayne took Austin to see Transformers....and me and shellye and cassey? We played cards till 11 or so....and drank some shots :) I twittered how to make them :) they were YUMMMYYYY...and I had just enough of them that we all giggled for several hours but did not have a hangover :)

I am off to make some chorizo/egg/potato burritos for breakfast for the family while they are asleep :)

I hope you all have a great day! I have not been reading blogs like I should be but i am goign to try to catch up later on today :) OH and some of you that are private? I cant get to ya....catch me up send me a link to my email address...


  1. Todd Smith from Selah is the husband of Angie Smith... her blog "Bring the Rain" is one I really love. She doesn't post often, but she twitters! She's just a real sweet Godly woman... anyways... Selah has a new cd coming out in August and they left on a release tour this morning.

    I think it's just so much easier to twitter random thoughts than it is to write a blog and honestly... hardly nobody comments on the blogs so there's no feedback like there is to your facebook status updates. I've got more facebook friends and twitter followers than blog readers... and lets face it... we blog because we want feedback, right?

    Have a great sunday! love and hugs!

  2. Awesome Savings!!! I try to feed our family of four on less than $4.00 per dinner. Yesterday, I used leftover baked chicken to make italian chicken spaghetti. (The veggies were already pureed and in the spaghetti sauce I had frozen from making pizza). Total meal to feed four with left-overs? $3.00. That included home-made italian toast!

    :-D I love to make recycled meals!

    Awesome deals! 4 dozen eggs for $1.00? That almost beats my freebies from a friend with chickens!

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Okay, you've got to tell me how you find these amazing deals!

    We spent $75 yesterday and got virtually nothing.



  4. You got some great deals shopping!

    Have a good week!

  5. it's been quiet at blogs for a while I am always on facebook. I got 4 bags of whole grain rice for 25 cents each today. I love deals!!

  6. I love that song.
    hey how do you get that subscribe by email thing you have under your comments?

  7. I love Selah!

    Yum shots and cards...would've loved to have been there :) Good times!

    What a deal on the groceries! I love getting bargains...


  8. I'm sending you my grocery list and debit card. Let me know when you get the shopping done, I'll meet you in my driveway to carry the bags in. =)

  9. If you twitter.. how come I can't see you ??? and where the hell is my badge on your page???? oh.. no.... I've been replaced by the GLASS HALF FULL gal... off to pout and cry.... and facebook....


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