Lori honey? This is for you..


WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS :) Let me torment you like I do my family :)

Ok Lori and i agree on 99% of the music we listen to...

Which would be country - country - classic country - more country - country gospel - and some more country :)

She doesnt like Metallica...I dont either...everyone in my family does...not me...gives me a headache....

**by the way - my family listens to a WIDE variety - Kadies favorite song of all time would be :

how cute is that? I was like 6 years old when this song came out and I am over 40 and my daughter loves it as much as me :)

Austin's favorite song of all time that he knows every word to and has since he was 3 years old?

Wayne LOVES anything by Johnny flippin Horton - I? cant stand it because even tho i profess to hate it? I get sucked in and find myself SINGING it because I have heard it SO MANY TIMES I cant help but sing it...

I love listennign to this frizzy haired mexican man no matter the season or time of day...I lvoe to hear him sing Vaya Con Dios...Drives wayne and the kids crazy..lol..makes me love it even more....

i love me some Gary Stewart...yep the man was a drunk - yep he was a pill popper...holy cow he was CRAZY on stage....but I love his true "honky tonky style" and when you hear his voice and the swaying beat of the music - you cant help but wanna "polish a belt buckle" with your sweetie (that means slow dance for all you pervs ;)) I have seen him in concert AT LEAST 20 times since I was 19....

I love the gospel music that I grew up with...from the time I was itty bitty up till now in the little country church that we go to with my mother... I love to hear gospel sung by anyone...

I especially love Vern Gosdin's haunting voice...Vern passed away a month ago...I can say he was one of the most wonderful kindest men i have ever met...(in this business) I sat down next to him in Waffle House (yeah i know - wayne was mortified) and got his autograph on my Waffle House check and talked to him a bit - I was at his show but I was working and didnt get to the band room to tell him how much I enjoyed it before my HUSBAND who was "bouncing" that night escorted him out a back door...I was not happy...all was well tho when I saw him in Waffle House at 4 am having breakfast with his band :) and he just scooted on over and let me sit down and act like a fool :)

Apparently as a little girl - I stood on the fireplace with a flower in hair singing this song....and I wanted to be Tanya Tucker..lol...yeah I think mom should have been making me watch more Sesame Street and less Hee Haw :)

Now to the original reason for this post...lol...I got a little sidetracked...

Lori DOES NOT LIKE KISS!! How is that even possible?

We are a KISS loving family...I have a picture of wayne in elementary school wearing a glitter infused KISS tshirt...Kadie has one similar to it and Austin had a KISS tshirt by the time he was 5 :)

This is my favorite KISS song.....

Wayne's is this one....he was 9 years old when it came out...

Kadie loves this one and has known all the words to it since she was barely 4 years old...

Austin loves all KISS and can tell the names of most of the songs within about 3 notes...just like Wayne.... I would have to say this is his favorite...

Let me watch some of your favorite old videos...


  1. I'm laughing because my husband is a HUGE KISS fan. I probably shouldn't admit this here - but I am not a big fan.

    Regardless, I know my son will get sucked into it - my husband is a pretty big metal-head. One of Jake's favorite songs is "Take the Power Back" by Rage Against the Machine. *sigh* What's an alternative music listening 80's girl supposed to do?

  2. The roller skates song ... never heard it by it's original artist, but Deana Carter but it on one of her albums. You def. are more into classic country than I am. I like some of it ... not all of it like you. ;o)

    KISS? Again. Yuck Yuck Yuck. LOL


  3. Wide variety there Kelly....I myself do like Metallica (except thier sell out album) and am a small fan of kiss....(beth was my favorite too)

    I will have to think about it....and get back to you on my favorites.

  4. Oh boy did you ever hit those on the head....I have every one of those in my ipod!

  5. I haven't heard any of those songs... maybe I am just out of touch!

  6. I have the exact same tastes as you and Lori by the way, having grown up in the mountains/hollers of Eastern Ky listening to hard core country and bluegrass too. I grew up wanting to be Loretta Lynn and sang LOADS of that and TAMMY WYNETTE songs.
    I 'learned' Kiss songs back in HS when my brother went wild and became a wanna be. I stayed true to country when it wasn't cool. And now it's back. I'm glad you got to meet Vern Gosden too. I did not know he passed. My gospel music heroes are/were Dotty Rambo and Vestal Goodman.


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