I did it!~

I did NOT get to sleep in-

I did NOT get to relax yet -

I DID get a semi new to me vehicle today :)

I got a MOMMY MOBILE - I broke down and got a minivan...

Cheverolot Venture with 3rd row seating -

Woohooo! now we dont have to rent a vehicle to go to Myrtle Beach :)

Pictures to come later....

After we go get a new TV :)


  1. LMAO. you know that's why we bought the Commander ;) So we wouldn't have to rent an SUV for vacations again. Ha! Now we need two SUV's this year. WTF?!

    :) hope you're having a good weekend, love.

  2. Wahoo!! I LOVE minivans, seriously I do! Great gas mileage, roomy for everyone, not too big, not too small! We had a Ford Windstar, oh how I loved that van, then we were in the accident right before Chad deployed, and right now we own a Chryslar Caravan, but we're saving to buy a brand new (with cash) Honda Odessy! I rented one last summer when I was in the states, wow!!!!!!

    Enjoy your new van!!!! :) Love ya girl!


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