Good Morning! :)

Good Morning!

Been a while :)

Yesterday we had Austin's follow up appt for the emergency room debacle last weekend... The problem with gall bladder is that it can hurt like hell? and not be infected - inflamed does not equal infected - and if it is not infected - and it is not hurting - it cant be diagnosed as gall bladder - very difficult to figure out in children - so yesterday the dr's decided to leave him on the prevacid for a whole month - because the prevacid will heal the ULCERS that it might be - after 30 days we are goign to take him off the prevacid - if he still hurts? then it is gallbladder - if there is no more pain? then it was the ulcers that he might have - He is a very worrisome child - so it possibly could be ulcers...

Right now I am waiting for Kadie Dawn to get out of the shower - me thinks she is going to be late for school -

We had a HOUSEFUL of kids all weekend...Friday night was "date night" for Kadie and Zac - they went to the movies with Weaver and Courtney then came back to the house to hang out afterwards - Saturday afternoon/evening was Steven,
Elizabeth, Kaitlin, Courtney and Kadie and Sunday was Steven - Elizabeth - Courtney - Weaver - and Zac - good grief!

Saturday during the day I had to work and Kadie Cassey and Austin went and worked the Easter Egg Hunt at our church -

I have had a lot goign on this past month - more than any of you know - it has been just a really BAD month! I dont even know where to begin so I wont...lol...

We are planning our vacation for August - we are hoping to get to go to South Carolina to Myrtle Beach for a week - if anyone has any ideas about where to stay - things to do - where NOT to stay and things NOT to do...lol...let me know..give me some hints people :) I have found several places to stay between the condos on the beach and resorts that are actually very reasonable - around 500 - 700 for the week - which is good considering some i found were like 1200 - 1400 a month...lol... UGHHH...Wayne says I have an obsession with Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand...maybe I do...lol... SHAG is one of my favorite movies but most of all I LOVE THE BEACH...I could sit on the beach all flippin day long - i love it!

Ok I have to go to work...and Kadie has to go to school....

This is the trailer for SHAG - it came out in 1989 - and I do believe I am goign to have to watch it tongiht :)


  1. I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in ages, maybe 15 years?!...so I don't think I'd be a good source for suggestions ;)

    Glad Austin's feeling better, hopefully it's nothing serious. Ulcers would suck, especially at his age. I've had gallstones...painfuls sonsofbitches they are!

    You call/text/IM/email me for anything doll...anything. Love you!

  2. I sure hope it's not Austin's gallbladder. I've had mine removed because of gallstones.

    Ulcers are good to have a such a young age either. I'll be keeping him in my prayers.

    I've never been to Myrtle beach so I can't help you...sorry!

  3. I have that movie! And love it! (We are so alike!!)

    I will send you the link where we stayed in MB and loved it. MY in-laws have gone there every year for several years.

    MY girls want to go back 'cause they love the water submarine. ;O


  4. I've only been to Myrtle Beach once...and that was a long time ago, so I'm not much help. Hope things settle down a bit for you.


  5. Praying for Austin. I have only been to Myrtle Beach once, but loved it! We stayed at my best friends aunts beach house, so can't help you there! But a couple places we liked is the Aligator park (can't recall the name) and also the Ripley's Aqurium. We didn't spend as much time on the beach as I personally wanted to. I hope when we move back to the states we can go and spend a week there and I intend to spend almost all our time ON the beach and IN the water! :)

  6. WOW a lot of kids !! Ha. You have the "cool" house. I went to Myrtle Beach for Senior week when I was 18 LOVED it! Hugs,Cass

  7. Sounds like my house (well w/o the sick son) Hoping for GOOD in that.

    Never been to MB...so no help there either...hmm...did I have a point to this comment...NO.

    Love you.

  8. hoping austin is all better real quick

  9. Get well soon Austin. Sorry you hurt kiddo. I hope it's better soon. Gall bladder attacks are very very painful so my heart goes out to you.



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