Today is Thursday

That means we are past hump day and 1 day away from payday for me - woohooo! Hubby gets paid today...got bills to pay this weekend so I am goign to be SO broke....but yeah....it will be fine :)

The weekend being almost upon us means several things....

  1. I am going to have to work this weekend. ughhh..
  2. I have been off the last 2 weekends tho so its definitely my flippin turn.
  3. I am guaranteed to have extra kids in my house all weekend..
  4. I MUST clean my room this weekend...
  5. I MUST do laundry this weekend...lots of laundry
  6. Spring Break is coming soon...god help us...Wayne will home with the kids on a "vacation"

For Waynes vacation and the kids Spring break - we are going to Pleasanton Texas to visit Wayne's stepdad or Papa David - as the kids call him -

Should be a nice break...I have not told my boss yet that I wont be at work that Monday but hey...I will let her know...

That might be an interesting conversation.....

Got a new salesperson at work....man type person...wears a cowboy hat...his name is Sam...Cassey thinks he is hot..I think he should leave his hat on...and just always walk away from me...cause he has a nice butt he just aint much to look at ;) He is young....and he spelled Wednesday - Winsday - and he spelled work - werk - and the last one open - opin - thats enough to make me go ugh...just keep walking away buddy...just keep walking away..the view is fine like that..lol....

Could that be considered sexual harassment?


  1. uGH... don't u hate when the brains don't make the butt....

  2. Too funny....I mean seriously...can't spell open. Yeah...I agree...keep walking away, the view is fine from there.

    How the heck is he going to write up a deal with his spelling that way?

  3. Don't you just wish you could blink and have everything done. Rear views are usually best that way you don't have to speak to em. Hope your holiday is a restful one! Take care,

  4. yeah i am with you on that one...not much to look at but does have a nice butt....and well the spelling thing...thought i had trouble umm guess not...lol. and you telling your boss that will be nothing she wont yell at you so you should be good. have lots of fun and be careful

  5. Don't over work this weekend and enjoy yourself!

  6. I was going to say something negative about your new friend "Winsday" but decided I'd be nice and keep my karma on the good side. Love ya ~~K~~

  7. That's so funny about the guy who needs to keep his hat on and just keep walking.

    I hope your weekend goes by really fast and you get some time to enjoy yourself.

    WINSDAY? My teacher taught me in the second grade to say WED NES DAY to myself when spelling it.


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