vintage? i am vintage??

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It is no secret that I love anything VINTGE...bbut it has come to my attention?

That at my age?

The things I loved as a child and a teen?

Those things are now considered VINTAGE...

How the hell could I be considered vintage???

I am granted ALMOST 41 years old...not quite but almost...

Music that I listened to when I was in high school...

considered vintage now...

My daughter and I watched this video last night and she said mom why is he dancing like that?

I dont know Kadie...I just dont know....


  1. LOL! Too funny, though too true!

  2. Ugh - he doesn't look good in tight jeans - or ... THOSE tight jeans. He looks like he's wearing high-waisters. Ick! Good song though! ~~K~~

  3. someone must have thought he looked good dancing that way, back when??? can't explain it/

  4. hmmmmm. not sure how I feel about being vintage... but as for Sawyer Brown...he didn't know why he was dancing like that either. He said when the music started, he just danced. lol

  5. Wow. I will be 40 next week, and I LOVED Sawyer Brown. I watched them win Star Search, and have seen them 4 times in concert. Mark Miller still has the same energy, in case you wondered. You probably didn't.

  6. LOL...hey, nothing wrong with vintage. It's trendy! :)

  7. MMM...I love me some Mark Miller

    Sawyer Brown is great...I saw them once in concert and got backstage passes...all the band members were nice... Mark was kinda short...just like here's my autograph...NEXT....kinda thing...but I still love to watch him dance...lol



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