I took a nap today....

Then I got up and went to Sonic....

Then I went to Kroger....

And only went in for biscuits...BUT I left with 10lbs of hamburger - 12lbs of pot roast (3 total) - 15 lbs of chicken breast of the boneless skinless variety :) 4 pkgs of smoked sausage - 2 pkgs of bologna - 4 pkgs of hot dogs - 2 lg pkgs of crab meat (my splurge) 4 whole chickens..2 loaves of white bread - 2 loaves of wheat bread - 4 pkgs of hot dog buns - 2 boxes of saltines..



I posted this as a comment on a blog today and realized I should blog about it :)

I am all about some sales :)


  1. yea thats amazing all that for 47 bucks hard to do when i shop.

  2. I can't nap. Even the night I spent trying to get the kitten out of the tree, I could not sleep afterward, had to wait until the next night. I envy your napping & your shopping skills. I cannot believe you got all that for so little. I think I spend that much on the cats lol. ~Mary

  3. excellent! :) great price, especially with that splurge through in. good job!

  4. whenever I find a sale like this, it doesn't matter how great it is, I don't have the money....lol

  5. Okay...you've GOT to tell me how you did that! Seriously! That's AMAZING! I can barely buy 2 gallons of milk for $47. LOL

  6. I love when Bakers (Bakers here is owned by Kroger) has BOGO. I buy all kinds of meat!!


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