Friday Friday - - -ugh Friday

I have been back at work now for 3 days.
I do believe I need another 10 days off although I am sure Cassey would COMPLETELY disagree..

Remember Jordan? Kadies boyfriend last school year? Finally got his drivers license...
Came over to hang out Wednesday...along with Courtney (who practically lives with us), Brittni Rae, and Steven.
I am very glad they can still be friends...

I always have a house full of teenagers...

The whole time we were gone to the coast - new boyfriend (Zac) was in Missouri with his family visiting...He came back yesterday apparently so we had to make a late night trip to CVS last night....(of course) I do believe I should get a *my daughters is dating a CVS employee* discount - that was my boss' idea and it is a good one :)

Today Wayne is taking the kids plus Brittni Rae to the gun range - Kadie got a 22 longrifle - 22 target pistol and a 30/30 from her papa this weekend and Austin already has a 22 longrifle and a 410 over/under that papa already gave him. Wayne is taking those and a few of his own guns and taking them to shoot....better him than me..I love to go shooting but never have the time...Kadie is an excellent shot like me :)

Our weekend is full...Saturday I have to work till 2 then we are cooking out with friends..(joey and vette - john, tristan and brittni rae's parents)...that will fall into Saturday night I am sure....Sunday morning is church and then whatever sunday afternoon and CAssey and I are supposed to go with Marci to a Celebrity Apprentice thing in Dallas...dont know if I am going yet or not...we will see....Sunday is also the LAST day of Waynes vacation....he will NOT be ready to go back to work I guarantee ya...but his vacation will be over....

No I dont have a tattoo...I want one but I dont have one...the one I want is a combination of several different things that all mean something to me...but not sure of the order just yet - I have a symbol for Chris - for Rory - for me - for Craig - for Stacy - and now one for my dad...At one point I had it planned it out now i have to change it because dad has died and I would like a flag for him. I have said for years that i wanted one but i have never gotten one....cause i am a chicken but im gonna do it now :)

Thats all I got for now...I might go into the week from hell in Phoenix later on and I will probably scan and post some pictures sometime today or tonight...


  1. hey chicken little....they only hurt till they go numb :)

  2. I think if it's gonna be permanent - Make it yours! I kinda like your cartoons above if you can make one work for all involved ~ except for the flag of honor. Take care and enjoy your Today, Tomorrow and your Always!

  3. I told my BIL I wanted him to teach me to shoot last year. I think he thinks I'm joking! Orrrr... maybe he's scared. hahahaha

    I also want a tattoo but I'm so fickle, I bore easily and am afraid I'd get something I regretted.

    I was gonna get one in college but Scott said NOOOO! Thank God. It would have been a dolphin. (I still love 'em but come on... LOL)


  4. You should get a tat...they're not so painful, I promise. :)


  5. May I just tell you that every bleeding heart liberal is agast that your DAUGHTER is learning to shoot a gun! ROFL!!! hehe!! Love ya girl


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