Wordless Wednesday


  1. Okay... that's it... you have officially been defriended... or at least virtually bitch-slapped. Why?

    1) I licked my computer screen before washing dirty toddler prints off it *gag*
    2) I had an uncontrollable urge to hump my desk... now I have a sliver.
    3) I started drooling. It dripped off my chin onto my shirt. Now I look as if I'm lactating.
    4) I'm completely out of batteries!!

    How dare you flaunt your good fortune?!?! Hate you... love you... love him... hate you more!! hehe... have a blast and if you get a chance to lick the real thing, it'll be worth whatever finger prints might have been there first!!

  2. I believe no words necessary....the comment above says it all. LOL...

    I am still jealous though...think of me, I will be in class.....

  3. Wonder what he was thinkin' when they were shooting that? ;o)


  4. Comment number one was outrageously funny. I can't top that.

    Have a good time for all of us.

  5. Who the hell raised that damn Princess.. She has no morals what so ever...


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