The weekend and it is SO monday

Saturday we went to Melindas wedding...

I cried just a little bit :)

I have known Melinda since she was 8 years old....just a little thing...

And now she is married...

It makes me sad...

My best friend Shellye has a daughter the same age as Kadie...and she is pregnant...Shellye is goign to be a grandma before me but I am glad its not me..I would have a stroke...

So back to the wedding...Melinda wore jeans and a white blouse and heels...the groom wore a white shirt and jeans and boots...they had a camo cake....it was a VERY long day.....and I was very tired at the end of that very long day...

Sunday..My husband and I got up Sunday morning early and went and had breakfast at Grandy's all by our ourselves and it was wonderful...we just chit chatted and got caught up on the week...We left there and went and got the kiddos and Cassey donuts for breakfast....

Came home - cleaned house for my all girl party and wayne and the kids got ready to leave the house - Their plan was to go to the gun show or the movies or somewhere along those lines...but they only made it as far as Razzoo's to eat dinner...and I missed it! :( That's ok tho because because back at the house??? We had veggie trays and chips and dip and pomegranate and green apple martinis and margaritas and wine and lots of fun stuff SO THERE!

Once the party was over and the kids and Wayne got home - I took Courtney Lou home to her parents...then came home and watched Fireproof with my husband...and I have to tell you - what a WONDERFUL movie - acting kinda sucked but all you needed to get from it was the message and what a message it was...Austin watched it with us and he enjoyed it also...I am glad that he enjoys movies like this...life lessons are too hard sometimes...so a HEAD START is always good...in whatever form they come...

It was a very good weekend....it was a very relaxing weekend..except for Saturday...lol...I drove and drove and drove and drove - cassey was sick and whiney all day...but good lord she is so sick that she has not smoked in 3 days....you folks have no idea how sick that means she is...she is about to leave work and go to the minute clinic at CVS and get a shot get some medicine SOMETHING....

It is monday morning at work and everybody needs something from me - Cassey is sick and goign home... My husband is changing shifts today for a bit...not the whole week but part of it - it will be great that he doesnt have to go in until 6 but sucks that he wont be home until 4 or 5 am...just in time for us to start getting up for work...

I am off to FINISH my day...already been thru a couple hours of it....it hasnt been real pleasant but unpleasantness was not directed at me...so its all good..

Everyone go kiss your husband - kiss them at least once a day till Valentines day.. :) If you cant say something nice? dont say nothing at all...do something nice...even if it means all you do is fix their dinner plate...tell your husband that he looks nice or that he is sexy..they need to hear it just like we do :) Tell him you appreciate him and all he does for your family - he will appreciate that even more....


  1. my man was amazing this weekend - went a couple different places with me that he didn't want to go. but went any way because he loves me. i told him repeatedly how great he is!!

  2. I haven't seen the movie. Maybe I'll rent it for Scott and I this weekend.


  3. I've heard the acting in Fireproof is pretty bad..but haven't watched it yet.

    Sounds like a fun weekend...especially your party!

    Oh, and I'm still chuckling about the camo cake. Did you get a picture??? :)

  4. What a weekend. I hope she's feeling better by now. And finding out she hasn't smoked this long, maybe she'll start to quit.
    I've already blown the last paragraph. We got into a silly snit over nothing not long after he came home. We laughed about it later but it wasn't funny at the time. That time out with your husband sounds so wonderful to me. I can't remember the last time I was alone with him.
    I would have loved to have been at your girl party. IT sounds like a really good time.


  5. Sounds like a busy yet productive weekend. I enjoyed Fireproof too and I agree the acting rather sucked. However, the message was good and came across.


  6. Valentine's Day...Bah! Humbug!

  7. I will be seeing that Wds night @ the church, we are having pizza & a movie night. (well I may miss the pizza as I am getting my haircut OFF)

    mmmm....margaritas...I need to move to TX to be closer to your house :)

  8. That girls day party sounds wonderful!! That is awesome you and hubby had a nice breakfast together Sunday. Hope you have a great week!

  9. I changed my blog name and it looks like people have to re follow ugh sorry ! http://vivalacass.blogspot.com/ Cass

  10. Wish I could have been there for the party...wooowhoooo...glad you girls had fun!

    I have heard the acting isn't so great in Fireproof but everyone I know that has seen it has loved it and most say they cry....I have it reserved to rent tonight....



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