update on Cassey

Cassey started feeling bad over the weekend while we were going to her sister's wedding....

It continued and on Sunday she was worse but she slept most of the day....

By Monday morning when she came to pick me up for work...it was full blown nasty..

So bad that our boss (who you all know of ) told me to tell her to GO home and GO to the dr...but cassey has no insurance...so M(boss) told me to elt her know that she would pay for her to go to the dr. CAssey went to Minute Clinic @ CVS...boss paid over the phone with her credit card...

This was on Monday and they diagnosed her with Acute Infectious Bacterial Bronchitis.....It hurts me just to say it...

They gave her an antibiotic and liquid cough meds with codeine...Tuesday was bad...she slept all day fitfully and with nightmares and severe coughing....She cried anytime she was awake...

I called her last night and she told me she was having a hard time breathing..I offered to take her to the emergency room but she declined for now....

Today she tried to go to work...She came and picked me up but I told her to drop me off and go straight to the emergency room...She went but it was at least a 4 hour wait so she went home and went back to bed....When I got off work, I took my kids to my inlaws and drove her to the emergency room.

They were jerks..to put it mildly...made it a point to tell us that they were NOT a community hospital...and that next time she needed to be prepared to pay 1/3 up front before she left...Whatever.....pissed me off....

Anyway...turns out the dr at Minute Clinic gave her the wrong antibiotic and the wrong cough meds for bronchitis....They gave her amoxicillin which is for ear infections and if I had been thinking I would have known that but we cant take it in our house cause we are all allergic to penicillin...we take no cillin's in this house....the cough meds had codeine and she reacts badly to codeine thus the fitful sleep and nightmares...

To make a long story short?? They wrote her scripts for Levaquin (157.00) - albuterol inhaler (37.00) and tessalon pearls for cough ( 15.00)....our boss came and met us at the pharmacy and paid for her prescriptions....

Cassey is so upset and crying and sore and in pain and the coughing is killing her and she is SO tired...She is most upset because she was supposed to go see Ryan this weekend and they are telling her that she cannot even go to work for the next 5 days....

Her plane ticket, hotel and car reservation have all been paid for so they all have to be canceled...ad she will get credits for them....

She is at home in bed with her meds right now and hopefully will sleep all night long....

Include her in your prayers tongiht....


  1. Bless her heart. Prayers going up! ~~Kath~~

  2. prayers that she'll fell better soon.

  3. oh my...poor Cassey!
    Tell her that I hope she feels better soon and give that girl a cup of soup ;)

    ...thank God boss lady helped out with the fees, that's great of her.

  4. Man, poor Cassey! But very cool of your boss!! Very cool!

    I'm sure Ryan just wants her well. ;o)


  5. I can't take any cillin either :) ~ unless you want me to be violently sick & pass out cold..same with the codiene....

    Hope Cassey is better today. That was very nice of the boss to take care of the meds.

  6. so sorry about Cassey. hope she gets better soon

  7. poor thing. It look levaquin the last time I was bad sick. and piss on the hospital. glad she had you and your boss to see she got care.
    take care

  8. Sending prayers that she is feeling better soon. So glad that they have her on the right medicines now. Poor dear has been through so much. You have the nicest boss in the whole wide world. Much hugs,

  9. Poor woman! I hope she is on the mend now. Your boss is a saint!

  10. Oh Lord so sorry to hear this please tell her to get well soon.
    Take care, Chrissie

  11. Poor Cassey!

    Keeping her in my prayers, hope she feels better soon!

    I have to say ya'll have a wonderful ..amazing boss!!


  12. I sure hope she gets better quickly!

  13. Hey how's Cassey doing now? Let me know in email ok.


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