Tuesday morning bright and early....

So it is Tuesday morning....

Everyone in my house was home yesterday....

I was making this post at home at 7:30 am but Cassey showed up early (like I asked her to) and interrupted my bloggin' - CAN YOU IMAGINE!

So Kadie's new boyfriend Zac came over for dinner last night...I cooked chicken-eggplant in a red sauce with canneloni with french bread....please dont be fooled by the name of it.. I threw it together in 20 minutes and it was on the table in 45..lol....

He had dinner with us...and then they all played Rock Band.. **sigh** sure was loud at my house last night...

Hubby is talking about getting Rock Band 2 for the 360 this weekend..woohooo..at least maybe then there will be music I can stand to listen to...lol...I am SO hoping they FINALLY come out with a country version..I could SO dig on that...

I am goign to do a NOT ME MONDAY later today...right now I am blogging and the boss is in her office but I have SO much work to do and not enough day to do it in so I REALLY do not have TIME to be blogging..lol...

Oh and before I go? CAN I TELL YOU THAT in TWO DAYS I will be driving to Tulsa to see my OTHER favorite MAN besides my husband...

in TWO DAYS I will be standing in front of this gorgeous man...

And can I tell you? That I have been so excited about the the concert? That I have NO IDEA who is in concert with him....lol..no clue...can someone find out for me? Lori?

So are you guys still digging my new layout?


  1. hopefully we'll get all the details on the concert this week! :)

  2. I thought I told you to knock this stuff off!!

    Do you know how bad I look licking my computer at work? Seriously... students are staring! It's really rude of you to post such tasty pornography without a WARNING to those of use who might have minors lurking nearby!


    Now if you don't mind... I'm going to excuse myself from the room under the pretense that I'm getting more coffee, though my priority will be wiping the drool from my chin!

    It's times like this that I'm grateful I'm not a man... It would definately be embarrassing trying to walk off a "stiffy".

    Have a BLAST you... you... Damnit, I can't even think of a good swearword to call you!!

    *stomps off indignantly*

  3. Still digging the layout! :)

    Dinner sounds yummy. Mmm, mmmm, mmmm.


  4. ambulance called for 51 year old queen who had a stroke when she saw this picture.

    Victim was found lying on top of her laptop,, riding it like a borrowed mule..

    Thanks alot woman...

  5. It may just be him. Although I though I read somewhere he was touring with Alan Jackson, but you aren't seeing him are ya?

    I love his new song "Marry For Money" . . . it cracks me up and there is a reason ... hmmm... maybe I should BLOG about it.

    Have fun!

    And hey . . .it's it about time you share a new yummy recipe my family will love??? Huh???? : o ~


  6. LOVE the new background....and LOVE the man in the picture....still jealous :)

  7. In Kansas City, he's with Craig Morgan. I saw them together last year, and Craig puts on an awesome concert, too. Trace is my favorite. My absolute favorite. I've seen him three times. He's built like an iron wedge, and H.O.T.

  8. Have an awesome time at the concert girl...I know you will... Shake that HonkeyTonkBaDonkaDonk...ya hear? LOL

    Can't wait to hear all about it....

    Of course I'm still diggin the layout...her comment above cracked me up! (princess)



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