Saturday in the office..

And that sucks but I had two days off for the concert so its only fair...
It will be fine.. :)
The concert was amazing...When I get home tonight I will post some pictures...
I may post a video of me talking - but I CANNOT talk so it would be a video of silence..
Apparently I have "sprained" my vocal chords? Yeah been to lots of concerts...never done that before...lol..
Cant yell at my kids ( they will be thrilled..lol)
Cant answer the phone at work...(that thrills me..lol)
But I am here and working...on a Saturday....
I drove to Tulsa with April on Thursday....
We got a little bit of a late start but we had Olive Garden for lunch so it was worth it...
We got to our hotel...took showers and got dressed...
Got back in the car...found parking RIGHT next to the BOK Center....for $20 but it was so worth it not have to walk 3 miles...lol..
My neice is sposed to be emailing me the pictures we took with her camera today...and then I will take the ones off my phone also....and will give ya all the awesome details later...time to get to work :)


  1. Glad you are back! Glad you had a great time! Sorry you are working on a Saturday. Me too, kinda. But, my work is fun and at litem.

  2. Sprained vocal cords, eh?
    Sounds like you had a helluva good time. :)


  3. My voice is always a bit rough after a concert too! Not nearly as bad as some girls I've tempted to smack screaming in my flippin' ear though!!!!

  4. Yep...my voice is usually a gonner after my concerts too...lol Good times!

    Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics


  5. awww, you have laryngits from having soooooo much fun1!!!

  6. I'm glad you had a great time. Can't wait to see the pictures.


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