ok so not to speak ill

Ok so here's the thing...

I LOVE to sing Karoake...


I usually love to sing it more when I have had a couple drinks and get my "brave" on...

I have the utmost respect for these people who post their "covers" on YouTube...

Especially when they suck really bad and dedicate it to a special love..too sweet..

But dude...please dont quit your day job..alhtough it is SO sweet that you thought to sing to her on YOUTUBE...with your baby dancing in the bed behind you...

Make sure you watch the baby in the left hand corner in the crib....


  1. OMG..OMG..#1.. bad.. really bad.. and I am drunk..
    #2. All I could think was... hey dumbass.. go fix the crib before little ALEX falls out on his head... duct tape buddy... anything.. super glue... baling wire... clamp it to the damn wall... hey dumbass,, shut the hell up and look at what ALEX is doing to his crib.. he's about to lift off...and crash land

  2. OMGosh, that is WHY I have a hard time when they have karoake at weddings. I want to flee - sorry, especially since you like them.

    As for the baby, I was worried the whole time that the crib was going to fall apart with each bounce of the baby.

    All I can really say ... FIX the crib!


  3. I hate it though when I am trying to find a certain song by an artist and I have to weed through the endless list of WANNABE's.

    Gonna blog about the concert?? Chop chop, woman!! I need to experience it through you! My first concert of the year isn't until May!


  4. okay, I have nothing snarky to say here. Yeah, he could sing better, but the baby in the backgound makes up for it. just love the baby!!!

  5. That is hilarious. Granted the crib was shaking and could have fallen apart/down the whole time, but it was seriously funny.

  6. Okay, I seriously thought the crib was going to break apart...but the baby was so stinkin' cute! Although I'm not sure why he would want to dance to his daddy's howling. LOL

  7. I seriously thought Alex was going to fall out of that crib dancing so hard LMAO.

    Sorry dude, I agree with Kelly...don't give up the day job. Nice thought though.


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