Not Me Monday!

I still have no voice...

It is a little better but not much...you can at least hear me now :)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

  1. I absolutley did NOT drive 5 hours in a rental car to Tulsa Oklahoma with my neice April to see Trace Adkins in concert who is NOT my absolute favorite man in the world besides my husband, daddy and son.
  2. I did NOT wait until the last minute to pack and then grab one pair of jeans - one blouse - and flip flops and throw them in my toiletry bag...I certainly took more care with packing than that...
  3. I certainly did NOT scream and sing so loud at the concert that I "sprained" my vocal chords and now I still cannot talk 4 days later.
  4. I most certainly do not know all the words to every single song sung by Trace Adkins - Craig Morgan - and James Otto and absolutely did not sing along to every one of them.
  5. I surely did not shake my booty so much at the concert that I almost spilled my $9 swirl margarita.
  6. April (my neice) and I absolutely did not go to Walmart and spend $67 on CD's of Trace, Craig and James upon our departure from Tulsa Oklahoma.
  7. I SO did not drive to downtown TULSA - get to my hotel - then to the BOK center - then find a McDonalds - then get BACK to my hotel without getting LOST - Becuase I am SO not DIRECTIONALLY challenged :)
  8. I so did not miss my Dallas exit off the Indian Nation Turnpike and have to drive 25 miles out of my way behind a (get this!) INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DRIVING 5 miles an hour for 15 of those 25 miles....then man driving was not NEAR as hot as Craig Morgan would have been on that tractor :)
  9. I did NOT take advantage of the fact that my husband was in a loving giving mood and wanted to take me and Austin to dinner Saturday by agreeing with Austin when he suggested Red Lobster :)
  10. And then I SO did not suggest that Sunday we take the girls to lunch since they missed Red Lobster because they were babysitting :) GOlden Corral is no substitute for Red Lobster but it worked for them :)
  11. I absolutely did NOT go the whole weekend without cooking or cleaning and I did not do only minimal laundry to get everyone "thru the day" today.
  12. I did NOT dread coming to work today after missing Thursday and Friday - even tho I came in on Saturday and did almost ABSOLUTELY nothing....
  13. I have not listened to all my CD's over and over every time I got in the car for the last 4 days....
  14. I did not also buy my children new OU shirts-ball caps- and posters while i was in Oklahoman - because they certainly have ENOUGH of those...

What did you NOT do this week?


  1. I'm sure your voice will be back soon, although I guess you're family is loving this! LOL

    Have a good week.

  2. Your packing sounds like mine... cover the top, cover the bottom, wear flip flops.. done!

  3. LOL on your voice! :) Great Not Me Monday

  4. I cannot believe you came all the way up to Tulsa and didn't tell me!!!! Good grief girl. I'm there every-elfing-day!!!



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