Sunday afternoon

Today on the agenda?

Was Sunday School and Church...

We went to Sunday School and Church and then came out and realized that I have a flat tire...

Will (the sound guy) had a compressor in his truck and aired it up.....

Dropped cassey off at home and here i am...

In between laundry and cleaning out my pantry which is a MESS, I plan to watch some movies...fold some laundry...cook some dinner....( a new recipe) ...and blog a little...

I am almost caught up on the reading of the blogs....I am in the M's in the blogroll :)

I will update you guys later and post all my awards :)

Love ya much and later!


  1. I am now all caught up with you as well!!!

  2. Seems like I play catch up every weekend... I'm trying to catch up the laundry...I'm thinking It's a loosing battle.. but.. you know me.. always the hopeful one..

  3. I've been lucky, Kevin's doing the laundry for me today! LOL

    Have a good night.

  4. Doesn't the weekend go by too fast? Uggghhhh.


  5. I for one think you really should stay caught up with me at all times, I mean seriously what else do you have to do???? ROFL!


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