Ok so it is just after midnight :)

I am laying in my bed.....

With my new laptop/breakfast tray....

Watching a movie on the xbox 360...lol...

I have to work tomorrow...but thats ok...

We DID close our 4 loans for this month...

Does anyone remember what that means?

I get $500 in Vera Bradley is what that means...oy my oy...I LOVE VERA BRADLEY...love it!

I also got a couple little bonus's :)

About every 2 weeks my boss has Autumn come to the office....Autumn does waxing. :)

Do you remember that I recently got a brazillian (sorry for the tmi for the men readers if i have any...lol)...Autumn came to my house and set up and she does the same for Marci...so anyway...I had planned to have my legs done...next week...

Anytime Autumn comes Marci always sends Cassey and I back for a eyebrow/mustache/chin....hey it works...

This week when Autumn came I planned to have my legs done and of course pay for it myself :)

But Marci covered it as a surprise :) woohooo!

Then as we were leaving? She printed us out movie tickets and a valet parking ticket? and sent Cassey and I to the movies :)

It was a good day today.. :) I didnt leave work on time, but it was a good day....

Tomorrow while I am at work? I have LOTS to do....to get all caught up :) LOTS to DO....Files to get in order...people to call...things to schedule :)

I am sorry this is so boring...lol..BUT I need to get in the bed...since I do have to work tomorrow...lol...

later gaters....


  1. Wow...I wouldn't mind office perks like those!


  2. You're gonna spend it ALL on VB??? Geez, woman!! LMBO


  3. I think you're absolutely, positively insane for the Brazilian, I just want you to know that...CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY! Oh and I think you should get your dear, sweet, wonderful friend in Germany a Vera bag, but you know that's just me!!! I would get you one! ROFL!!!!

    Oh and did you two already go see a movie and if so what one? I went and saw Bride Wars last night, it was funny!

  4. ummm...didn't that really hurt...the you know? the braizilian???

  5. I think we all wanna know if the brazillian hurt...lol I agree yo so crazy...lol

    I've never had anything waxed not even my eyebrows...lol

    Enjoy your VB and your bonus...congrats!


  6. How did you like the brazilian? :)


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