My very first NOT ME MONDAY

Would you like to know a few things that I most CERTAINLY did NOT do? :)

I love reading everyone's Not Me Monday confessions but have never done one myself :)

Join in and then click the link and go by and see McKMama and leave your link on her Mr Linky :)

  1. Last week I did not throw my husband's already worn but not really dirty socks in the dryer with a dryer sheet because I so did not want to stay awake long enough for them to wash and present them to him as "clean". I would NEVER do that....

  2. I did NOT wait till my boss left and IMMEDIATELY open up my blogger and contemplate what I was going to blog about....I am a much more conscientious employee than that....

  3. I SO DID NOT refer to our septic installer/inspector as that crazy dirty old man today....cause that so would not have been very professional...

  4. I so did not tell my mother something that my daughter did wrong this weekend...It was actually a must because we were looking for a runaway child (not mine but almost mine).....but i didnt tell her grandma on her...

  5. I absolutely did not receive a coupon in email from my sister in law for FREE Hanes Underwear that could only be used 3 times in one transaction and then convince the young teenage cashier to then let me do 8 different transactions with 5 people in line behind me to get 24 packages of underwear free :)

  6. I did not save $213.60 + $17.62 in tax on said underwear...

  7. I ABSOLUTELY did not forget to cancel my boss' dr. appt until 15 minutes before she was supposed to be there....Oh the glamour of my job....

  8. I did not drink Polka Dot Reisling wine from a snowflake goblet while eating a hot dog and bbq chips on a paper plate for dinner last night....I am much more dignified than that :)

Thats my NOT ME Monday....

What is on yours?


  1. What a great way to start the week, however my "I didn't do" list would be an endless one or a to be continued. Loved this and shall try it next week. Take care and enjoy your tomorrow,

  2. ROFL! Totally giggling my butt off on what you did with Wayne's socks! That's fabulous! LOL You're classy, classy btw with your beverage and meal selection!

    Oh and go visit my blog, there's a surprise for YOU there!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL...you're so thoughtful not to have done all those naughty things. :)

  4. Dang underwear must have gone up! That is crazy and funny that you got 8 free.. what you do change the number from 3 to 8 LoL.
    Take care, Chrissie

  5. That is very creative! Love it!

  6. Very funny. I love the "Not me Monday's" too.. Mrs CountryMama does a good job with them too. Have a good Tuesday.

  7. I've always wanted you to participate! I knew you would have some good ones ;o)

    I want some free underwear!!


  8. Where can I get one of those free underwear coupons?

  9. LOL that's funny. A great entry :o)

  10. I think we're living the same life... whoa!

  11. You've been tagged, sista!



  12. Never mind, I forgot Christy already tagged you!


  13. Love it! :)

    So why aren't you sharing these hanes coupons! :)

    God Bless

  14. Damn the free underwear...

    That is the bargain of the year!!
    and the year has just started...lol

    How in the world did you convince the young girl to let you have 8 transactions..and did the 5 peeps in line get pissy with you?..lol


  15. OMG....first of all...great job on the panties LOL...and you crack me up....Happy Friday :)

  16. LMAO! why didn't you copy that coupon for me?! ;)~
    ......and I totally didn't eat dinner - in front of the computer - at 9 something at night - off of a paper plate - with a glass of wine - or two - last week either :)


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