Lita Ford????

Lita Ford and Whitesnake were my favorites during my bad girl stage...lol....it didnt last very long....it almost gave my parents a stroke....but man i wanted to look like Lita Ford...I had the big hair but not blonde......and the figure (for a little while) but my legs werent NEAR long enough and I was so not moving like this....lmao...that would have gotten me a one way ticket to hell in my house...lol.....

I had the CASSETTE - whitesnake - and the first time my mother heard it? She broke it in half...I bought another one and an extra to spare...lol...I think I bought at least 10 of them over the years....

This was my favorite Whitesnake song....


  1. Well my boys are up and playing in here, so I'll come back and listen tonight! I liked both too! The only cassette my mom ever took away from me was Alice Cooper! She told me I could have it when I turned 18, yeah...she'd trashed it! ROFL! I wasn't interested in it, but asked her if she still had it a few yrs ago when I thought about it! HA

  2. My parents actually let me have Whitesnake (on tape)...LOL...but they refused to let me have Beastie Boys.

    Probably because of the huge blow-up penis they shook at fans during their concerts. ;)

  3. Love Whitesnake! I have "Slide it in" as my ringtone. LOL! And, I met Lita, she was teeny, tiny and one woman you didn't want to mess with. Love the song she did with Ozzy. Ahhh, those were the days!

  4. I loved Lita Ford...my favorite of hers was the one with Ozzy "If I close my eyes forever"...and I also love the one you posted...

    I never really was a huge fan of Whitesnake...but I loved me some Bon Jovi, Poison...Etc...

    80's had the best music ever!


  5. LOL. okay, Colleen had the RECORD of white snake!! ...and we used to get in so much trouble for playing the Alice Cooper cassette that she bought with babysitting money!

    I wonder what ever happened to them?! LOL, probably met the same fate as your tape did one day when we were at school....like that turtle that mysteriously disappeared one day.

    Damn...my mother has some explaining to do ;)~


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