4 x 4

So I have been tagged by a couple people to do 4 x 4...lol....

Christy and Lori...

And I still havent done it BUT I am going to right now :)

Here is what you have to do ...

go to the 4th folder of my pictures (or wherever on your computer you store your pictures) and pick the 4th picture in that folder, post it, explain it, and then pick others to do it too!

This picture is from July 15, 2005. This is my daughter Kadie Dawn and my neice Erica. It was just a tad bittersweet to have this folder of pictures be the 4th one BECAUSE this is the last time we spent with Wayne's mother before she committed suicide.

This picture was taken at Starbucks in Rockport Texas. The girls are in matching shirts and JEANS..and they did not buy them together...lol..they are just that much alike...lol....We went on vacation with Anne & David (waynes mom and stepdad). We stayed in these cute little pink houses. The kids fished...we spent LOTS of time at the beach...We spent lots of time in the pool....We spent lots of time with his mom....

Here are a few of the pictures from that vacation....


  1. Girl, you were spunky even back then, huh? LOL Love it!


  2. Well it's about time you did this! LOL Glad you played along! :)

  3. Love the new look of your blog! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. i didn't know a bout the editing either! so cool. and thanks for sharing those pics. looks like a great time1


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