We gave the kids one of their Christmas presents early.

We bought Rock Band for the PS2 as a family kids gift but it was too big to hide...too big to get in the house without them seeing it and Courtney is at the house...and since it technically was a gift for all 3 kids?

We just said ehhh let's give it em...lol..

We did not buy the 360 version because when we got guitar hero? They played it nonstop for 4 months then it hasnt been touched since..Kadie and Courtney were hiding it when friends came over so they wouldnt have to paly it..lol.. I couldnt see paying that much unless I knew they really would get all our money out of it and not just 4 months... so we might buy that one later and "gift" the one for PS2....on freecycle...someone will have a kid who wants it bad...and cant afford it :)

Cassey and I played with them last night for a bit..

It was more fun than I thought...lol...

I ROCKED Should I stay or Should I GO... :)


  1. We got that last year and the kids liked it but I can't sing rock and roll...

  2. All that video game is GREEK to me. The girls are both getting a Nintendo DS . . . and that is confusing enough! LOL

    Have a blessed MERRY CHRISTMAS! I just sent your Christmas card today ... hehe . . . HEY!! It was BEFORE Christmas! tehehe


  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
    God bless!

  4. thats nice they got a big gift early

  5. I love Rock Band! Merry Christmas!

  6. Okay...looking at these pics makes me want to go get Jeff and I one...it looks like loads of fun...I love to sing karaoke...and always wanted to play drums growing up...is it expensive?

    Love the slideshow...

    Merry Christmas!


  7. My husband's cousin got her two boys to do chores with the promise of one early present. When the youngest opened up Cars sheets he was so mad it was not a toy he hurled it across the room. Not very nice behavior for Christmas Eve but in his defense, I do believe it was a poor choice for first present. He got so many toys, why have him open sheets for the first gift? Granted, they were cartoon covered sheets but come on!!

  8. Hahahaha! I love it!!! I remember my mom would always do fun stuff with me!!! We just have guitar hero for the PS3... I should get my mom over to play it!!! lol


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