a little look to the past..

Today is Austin's 13th birthday...the video above is him learning how to waltz at cotillion class last year...the other mom and I are laughing because on the third turn? Austin got paired with a girl who was taller than him...of course...all girls at this point are taller than him still....anyway the top of his head and his eyes? were just level with his chest...and you can see the look on his face...he realized it about time he grabbed her hand and turned and smiled real big at me and the mom next to me...lolol..like father like son... @@

I cannot believe I am the mother of two teenagers...(really 3 if you count Courtney who isnt mine but she really is :))...

Kadie's birth was so easy...I came out of delivery and said let's do it again...and then 4 years later here came Austin..

And it was so bad I had my tubes tied...lol..

Kadie was 36 hours of easy labor....and she has been (at times) my greatest challenge and others my greatest joy...

Austin was 9 hours of hard intense oh my lord why the hell did i think i wanted another baby labor.....i thought i was going to die...but in reality I was only having the same labor that most women have when they have a baby....lol....I started saying no drugsin my first trimester......cause I had Kadie completely natural...yeah no...I was beggin for an epidural 10 minutes after I got to the hospital.....

Austin has been a much easier - child to raise except for the fact that it took me 13 years to convince him it REALLY is necessary to BATHE or SHOWER EVERY DAY....and yellow teeth? not so much attractive...you also must brush your teeth every day....

He is my cuddler....He still loves me and calls me Mommy sometimes ( when he wants something)...

I am steaming mad at him right now....but thats a whole nother story...

Happy Birthday to Austin.....#13..I still cannot believe that i am the mother of two teenagers.....


  1. Happy Birthday to your boy.
    That video is precious. I remember when Lauren use to go to that. She was the only one of my kids that wanted to go. The others declined. You have to be invited by a sponsor family around here. I was good friends with three of the sponsor families so had lots of input into it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care, Chrissie

  2. So cute!

    Happy 13th to your baby boy!

    I know I'll be sobbing when my kids reach this age. LOL


  3. Sigh . . . my oldest will be 13 next April . . . they sure grow up quick, don't they????

  4. I FINALLY convinced my 14 year old he had to shower and now sometimes he will take not one, but TWO a day!!! But the teeth? I STILL HAVE TO REMIND HIM TO DO THAT!!! His sister told him "the girls will not go NEAR you if you don't brush your darn teeth!" (lol) AHHHH BOYS. Gotta love em!!!

    Happy Birthday Austin...welcome to the teenage world!


  5. Happy Birthday Austin!!!


  6. wow the girls just got taller and taller lol.

  7. Happy Birthdy to the new teenager!

  8. ahhh,Happy Birthday young man!!!!

    Savanna is my easy child for now. I hope she stays that way!!!


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