So its Sunday but I am still on Saturday :)

Wayne got up early and went to work this morning...

I had to get up and go to Home Depot and do something for work...cancel a delivery order and make it a will-call order for one of our customers at the "trailer house selling place"...

That didnt take long and then I stopped by a garage sale or two :) Sorry Cassey you was sleeping and I didnt want to come home and wake you up...

Wayne got home around 4 and I was napping...He popped me on the butt with his BELT and woke me up...good thing i had some jeans on...

OUCH..do it again honey ;) I woke up pretty quick ;)

Anyway....We decided on Pancho's Mexican buffet for dinner...

Panchos = cheap and filling

I drank 3 glasses of wine with the girls last night and my butt was dragging this morning...so i did not cook all day...i did not clean all day...i did nothing all day but nap, read and play on pogo...it was very relaxing.. :)

We have a tradition at our house...when we go to Panchos? WE HAVE TO STOP IN AT THE DOLLAR GENERAL right next to it...I dont knwo why it is but the Dollar General furthest from your house? always seem to have better stuff than then one right by your house :) never fails...so we always go in and look around...we went we looked we bought $54 worth of dollar general... :) pepper, trash bags, evaporated milk, no bake cheesecake, spam, turnip greens in a can, cream of mushroom soup...lol...cordial cherries...dont know how that turned into $54 but it did...of course there was some bleach and spray and wash too....

We left there...and Wayne just HAD to go to FRY'S Electronics while we are out...now first let me say that this man could sleep on the floor at
FRY'S...He seriously could spend thousands of dollars if we had it to spend...We were there for 2 hours and we left with a new gaming headset for him...Kadie got a movie called Le Enfant which seemed really good but I didnt feel like watching it tonight...her and Cassey are watching it right now...and I got..ARE YOU READY????

A NEW DIGITAL SCALE to tell me I need to lose some more weight...woohooo....It is way cool and does all kinds of neat stuff...including body fat and goal weight and all that fun stuff...and has settings for 4 users to "use"...

Got home at 10 pm...went to feed Casseys dog...

Stopped at Walmart to pick up sausage and bacon for the HUGE waffle and egg breakfast my hubby has requested for breakfast in the morning....plus the stuff for sub sandwiches tomorrow night and I am so ready for bed :)

But I do believe before I go to bed?

Im gonna have to run over to pogo.com and play some more trivial pursuit :)


  1. Well it's 318am here and I'm sneaking on the net exhausted, but I never get time anymore.
    Glad to hear everyone is fine. You did some serious shopping at the dollar store. I have learned to stay out of the stores unless I have to be there.
    What time is breakfast being as I'm already awake?
    Take care, Chrissie

  2. I love going to the dollar general! Your breakfast sounds yummy. Making my tummy growl. LOL

  3. I haven't been to a Pancho's in 20 years, but man, I used to love to eat there. We have one here, but it's way over in east PHX, and we never go over that way. ~~K~~

  4. wow--busy day! :)

    SOunds like you found some treasures!


  5. I love the Dollar Store...

    Glad you had fun with the girlies...

    Have a good sunday!


  6. Dollar General is AWESOME!!! I think I need that fancy scale too....but that breakfast you have coming sounds AWESOME and just not scale friendly...and I wanna come for breakfast!!! (LOL!!)


  7. Hey bum, get up and get going it's still early there! LOL

    Sounds like you had a good day though and mmmm on the Mexican food, I want some please!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nothing wrong with having a LAZY day at all!!1 U deserve it and your kids are old enough to not have to be TOO worried..I did say too worried.

  9. I love the dollar store, its so easy to rack up those bucks there

  10. Sounds like a busy day lol. I love to play on pogo as well. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent on there lol. take care


  11. mmmmm I love me some Pancho's!!! Haven't had it since we lived in San Antonio.

  12. i did nothing all day but nap, read and play

    Sounds like my kinda day!! :)

    I am scared of scales that give you your body fat~if I don't know I don't have to worry about it right? :)


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